America Got it Wrong — Again

Published May 9, 2013 by Maryanne

angie_miller_idol_top_10_portrait_pAmerican Idol contestant Angie Miller

Tonite gorgeous songstress Angie Miller got voted off American Idol.

This was such a mistake, even the judges seemed shocked and disturbed. The final two should have been Candice Glover and Angie Miller (not Candice and Kree Harrison).

Don’t get me wrong, Kree Harrison is amazing too. She was one of my favorites early on, but she just never sang the right songs and near the end I wasn’t feeling her. Candice Glover was a no-brainer — she stunned America with her spine chilling version of “There’s A Place For Us” from “West Side Story.”

This year all the finalists were so talented, so endearing and so nice. And no one got on your nerves like annoying divas from previous years such as Hailey Reinhart and Thia Megia. But honestly I think Kree Harrison should have gone before Janelle Arthur. No disrespect to Kree though, she was such a doll and sincerely told her competitors she loved them when Ryan Seacrest asked the ladies if they had anything to say to each other. The show was very emotional.

It was heartbreaking to see Angie leave. She was getting all choked up during her final performance and was nervously laughing throughout, not being able to finish. Then her family came onstage to comfort her, along with the remaining two contestants and the judges. (And God bless Nicki Minaj in all her honesty – I couldn’t help but laugh seeing her face drop when it was announced that Kree was chosen over Angie. She makes the funniest faces!)

In honor of Angie Miller, here’s — in my little opinion — the best song she ever did:


But this will not be the last we see of Angie. She’s just mega-talented and certainly doesn’t need to be American Idol to have a bright future. Good luck to Angie!

And just for fun, here’s a cute song by Redd Kross as my “good-bye” to Angie. It’s called “Annie’s Gone” so just change the words to “Angie’s Gone.” I like this way better than the Phil Phillips song. Heh.

Redd Kross – Annie’s Gone

10 comments on “America Got it Wrong — Again

    • Yeah, Adam Lambert went far and he was only second best (that’s when I first saw the show because my sister and mom were crushing on him!) This year was so tough though, so many good ones. I still miss Janelle.

  • I figured it was a no-brainer finale … Angie and Candace. Kree slipped in, I think, because of her hometown visit. This was actually a good season with amazing talent. The girls ruled and all should have stellar careers, especially Angie. Now Candace should run away with this … but who knows what lurks in “America’s” mind?

  • I was shocked when Ryan Seacrest announced that Kree Harrison would be in the finale with Candice Glover. Kree may be a very good singer, but she doesn’t have that much stage presence in my book. She looked uncomfortable on the stage. It will be an even bigger shock if Kree is crowned the next American Idol in 6 days. Can’t even get excited about a Kree-Candice showdown next Wednesday. Candice is clearly the best singer in the competition this season, but you never know how the final vote will go. Who would have thought that Kris Allen would defeat Adam Lambert or that Lee DeWyze would win out over Crystal Bowersox? DeWyze and Taylor Hicks may be the two worst winners ever.

    • I agree that Kree doesn’t have stage presence. Well, I’m rooting for Candice so we shall see. I only started watching three seasons ago so I don’t know the other contestants you speak of other than Adam Lambert. He’s the only one I have a CD by — a gift from my mother and sister.

  • I totally agree with Andrew Godfrey’s comment – Lambert and Bowersox should really have been winners in those two years. Angie is fantastic – what a shock to see her go, but she’ll do very well regardless 😀

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