Little Happies on Mother’s Day and a Sad Dream

Published May 13, 2013 by Maryanne

SAM_0807Me being silly in my husband’s PT Cruiser

I had the most amazing Mother’s Day, filled with pleasant surprises.

Church was fantastic as usual. My pastor never ceases to amaze me in her creative sermons that makes one keep coming back. Some of you know, I also love the mid-week service on Thursday afternoons that I sneak out to when I don’t have a writing assignment or when business is slow. While I love everyone as much as possible, I took a particular liking to a cute red-haired lady named Rocky (because she reminded me of one of my Grandmother’s friends, Eleanor, when I was a little girl). Well yesterday Rocky came to church with her daughter Amy, from Brooklyn. We took an instant liking to each other. She’s an actress and a vegetarian — and a Christian of course! It was so exciting meeting a new friend that has a similar upbeat, dynamic personality to my own. You gotta love a person with fire in their personality! I was so happy.

I got home, freshened up and then headed out with my husband to get a bite before going to my mom’s. When we got to the restaurant and were seated I wished the waitress a Happy Mother’s Day.

She got all teary eyed and said, “You’re the first person who said that to me.”

I said, “Well then, it sounds like you need a hug.

I hugged her and she wouldn’t let go.

Now this lady was really tough and bad ass, but those are the people who put up a front and need the most love, I’ve learned.

When we got to my mom’s house, I was surprised to get a Mother’s Day gift from my sister (from my cats). She said, “They came over here and helped pick out a gift for you.” That was so nice and cute/clever.

My sister’s dog, who is so loving and beautiful, was snuggling up to my face. The other dog scared her and she ended up biting my lip. It didn’t hurt, it just stung. But it reminded me to be careful around animals. It also saddened me thinking how perfect my mother’s late Chihuahua Fawn was. Fawn would never bite anyone. She was gentle as a lamb and not even yappy like Chihuahuas are.

Last night I dreamed Fawn was alive again. This was the second time I dreamed she was alive again. I was with my step-father Jim and my sister Kim and Fawn was with us. She was so cute and running around with us. We were going through some clothing stores. It seemed like we were all on a little vacation. Then I was walking Fawn back to the house and she was pulling away on her leash. I was wondering why. She had a scarf that she wanted and she spoke, “my scarf.” It was so cute. Then I was walking her again and as I walked her, her fur started turning gray, aging rapidly and then she disappeared. It was like she died all over again. I was so sad, but then I was saying, “Three of us saw her! It’s a testimony that she came back to life!”

Then I had a cooler dream that wasn’t sad. I was on a vacation with my husband and my friend Diane. We were horseback riding and saw a little girl on one of those cute horse rides that you put a dime in. We went by on our real horse and gave her some money so she could ride more. Then me and Diane were sharing a chocolate drink — something I would definitely not drink in waking hours! LOL!

THEN, finally, I dreamed my grandmother was alive again. A very emotional evening in dream world!

Now back to reality … a picture of a cute little critter residing in our back yard …


11 comments on “Little Happies on Mother’s Day and a Sad Dream

  • Haha, love this post, so full of lovely emotional moments šŸ™‚ Isn’t that what life’s about! I’m feeling very happy after this eclectic post of yours Maryanne šŸ™‚

    Hope you’re keeping well, sounds like you had a lovely weekend!


  • Maryanne, That is just like you to think to tell the waitress Happy Mother’s Day. You saying that made her day and giving her a hug when she needed one made it an even better day for her.

  • So sweet of your sister to think of you on Mother’s Day and so sweet of you to think of your waitress. šŸ™‚ What is that critter? We have just about everything in my yard, but I don’t recognize that. A chipmunk?

      • We don’t have groundhogs (at least not that I’ve seen), but we do have moles. I don’t see them but I certainly sense them making their little mole tunnels under the ground. It makes my humans laugh when I become fixated on something under the ground that no one can see. šŸ™‚

      • OMG, are they scary? I was always afraid of moles. We don’t have them around here (except for the one on my back that I like to believe is a beauty mark — hee-hee) šŸ™‚

      • They might be scary if we ever saw them, but we never see them . . . except for the one that my late canine sister Lexi (a terrier through and through)managed to pull out of the ground and present to my mommy. That was a special day šŸ˜‰

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