My Best Advice to New Reporters – Pen and Pad!

Published May 14, 2013 by Maryanne

pen and pad

Over the weekend when I was talking about my work, someone asked me why I don’t just record everything.


That, is the biggest mistake ever. I’m sorry to enlighten you, but even with all this modern technology, we are not immortal. Things break, dysfunction, error, etc. But nothing is more reliable than being a good listener, taking fast notes and even a class in shorthand will be very helpful. What’s the worst that can happen? Pen run out of ink? There’s always another. Just make sure you bring a lot of paper with you on your assignments. Reporters notebooks can be found in any stationary store. Awkward, juggling a camera and notepad? Yeah, but it’s worth it.

This advice from a person who takes pride in the fact that I’ve never misquoted anyone in my 18-year professional writing career. Old fashioned perhaps, but why fix something that’s not broken. Go by the tried and true methods. One of the greatest assets of a good reporter is the ability to take good notes.


8 comments on “My Best Advice to New Reporters – Pen and Pad!

    • It’s just that people think recording is so much easier. They put too much trust in modern devices. I can see if my hand was broken, that could be a wonderful alternative. I just cringe at laziness and thinking that the easy way is the end all — when it could be a disaster if something goes wrong. It’s just so annoying all the trust and faith that is put into modern technology. Ew!

    • To this day, every entertainer and author I manage — I not only have their track lists on my computer, but also a hard copy file. And don’t even get me started on where I keep my phone numbers. Hint: not in Google Contacts! LOL!

      • You are smart to have hard copy of the track list, since a virus can wipe out everything. Don’t blame you abut not using Google Contacts, since Google may decide to get rid of them all at any time.

      • I also email important things to myself too. But if worse came to worse and there was a power outage with no access to internet, I could easily work with files and a cell phone 🙂

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