Mid-Week Happiness!

Published May 15, 2013 by Maryanne

 wedding pictureWith my husband, who makes me happiest!

I just had an annoying phone conversation with a self-centered relative and have now made a vow to distance myself from that person because it’s always all about him. This person will go out of his way to aggravate in order to be right — even if he can’t provide an answer as to why he thinks he’s right, when I gave him the opportunity THREE TIMES to explain himself.

I can’t let this relative continue to hurt me — especially since he’s doing it on purpose without an ounce of remorse. (The term for people like this, I believe, is “shit stirrer.”) This is not good for my health, so the decision to avoid is a good one. Some people you can’t even confront or talk. I tried and he didn’t care enough to make an effort when I called him on his crap. Enough is enough. I am not a human punching bag.

So turning that frown upside down …

What I’ve learned, from my husband actually, is to focus on what you have in life, not what you don’t have. And what I don’t get from relatives, I get from friends, from church, from my work and of course from my husband and his family.

So this post I am writing is to show two things: 1. Even though I love my life, it’s not always perfect. Mainly because I never had the perfect family. 2. That no matter what bad things happen to me, I love to focus on the positive.

In just one day, today, many wonderful things happened. But the happiest thing of all is that my editor for Skinny News (the health magazine) praised my writing to high heavens and said what a pleasure it was working with me (over the phone, we never met in person).

I think my work for the week at Skinny News is complete. I have one more article to write for another publication this week and can definitely squeeze in time for mid-week church service and bible study on Friday — yay!

The second happy thing was that for the past week I thought I was having allergy problems again. Yesterday I suffered so much with burning eyes and eye pain — and my vision was blurry in one eye (SCARY!). Then I made the connection, I switched from one mascara to another last week and that was probably the culprit. So today I went back to the original one (Zuzu Luxe masacra  rules — it’s hypoallergenic and doesn’t test on animals!) and my eyes feel great and my vision is back to normal.

The third thing is that my husband is home today. As soon as I finish up I’m making homemade hummus and we’ll go for a walk on this gorgeous day.

The fourth thing is that I have an event very early tomorrow morning, interviewing students for another article. I love the fact that I’ll be getting up extra early and just having time to exercise and eat. I haven’t woke up without checking emails first in ages — so it will be nice to not face the computer until much later in the morning, maybe even noon!

And I shall stop now because my handsome husband just came in my office and smothered me with kisses.

Off to la-la-land I go!

Have a beautiful night, fellow bloggers. Know that some of you make me very happy too! xo

13 comments on “Mid-Week Happiness!

  • Yep. There are many good things to enjoy in a single day if we spend a moment and look for them. Stop and smell the roses is the old adage, I think, when shit stirrers are stirring up the stink.

    • Thanks for your kind words Jim. I honestly think some people can’t get on in life unless they are starting trouble for others. It’s hurts when you try to reach out to your own family members and all you get is a roller coaster ride. It’s confusing and devastating.

      I am so blessed in having my husband, my writing career and now the church to keep me balanced, otherwise I’d probably become a drunk, seriously.

      • When it comes to family the only family members which matter are the ones in our own home. It seems harsh, but the majority of my relatives are adults and I don’t have time for their drama. I’m a grown man for goodness sake. It’s a good thing I can block them all on Facebook.

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