Hoppy Thursday Inspiration!

Published May 16, 2013 by Maryanne

?????????????????????Bunnies (photo swiped from Google search)

This morning I had to interview students in a theater class and ended up parking several blocks away from the school on a side street. Going back to my car it was so cute, I saw four bunnies chasing each other and two chipmunks. So adorable. It was a perfect morning, cool and pleasant and a little overcast.

I wrote one story, was all caught up and able to go to mid week service.

I was totally honored when the pastor asked me to assist in communion!

As I said before, I love the Thursday service because it’s more personal. It’s only about 15 people, all seniors, and we get to share stories that relate to the service, which reminds me of a Bible Study.

Thursday’s service always reflects on what Sunday’s service was about. Since Sunday was Mother’s Day the pastor was asking us about a story where we felt our mother comforted us as a child.

Since my grandmother raised me, it popped into my head just one of the things she did to show unconditional love.

When I was little I was so shy and so attached to my Grandmother I didn’t want to be separated from her. Not even to go to school — which I loved as a little girl.

So she would wait on line with me until it was time to go into the school. I loved that. It was sweet and comforting. I’m so happy I remembered that today and had a moment to remember my Grandmother’s love.

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