Cheese is NOT a Vegetarian Item!

Published June 11, 2013 by Maryanne

cheesePhoto swiped from Google search


I was just checking out your menu and noticed that some of the salad items had the word “vegetarian” next to them, yet contained cheese.

Please let me educate you — cheese is NOT a vegetarian item. Cheese is made from enzymes or rennet which comes from the lining of the stomach of a cow or sheep. Please omit the word “vegetarian” from the salads on your menu, as this is false advertising and an insult to the intelligence.

11 comments on “Cheese is NOT a Vegetarian Item!

    • So clueless! And at an American restaurant no less. I can understand if the restaurant owners were from another country, as words get lost in translation. But Americans should know better. Not to mention how protein-obsessed these places are. Why can’t I just have a simple salad with bread on the side?

      • Oh no, that’s awful! One time I was at this restaurant and got a grilled vegetable wrap and somehow a piece of meat slipped in there. I was so grossed out I never went back to that place. Shame, dining out is such a wonderful experience but it’s always about the lesser of the evils on the menu.

  • What kind of a restaurant was is Maryanne? i’m surprised in this day and age they would have cheese on the menu as vegetarian if it wasn’t. I have read about plant rennet being use in cheeses (because it is cheaper – not for humane reasons) was there something in the fine print some where on the menu that mentioned what types of cheese they used? Also, you would be safe eating paneer – totally vegan. But I know you already know that πŸ™‚
    Just curious.

    • It was an upscale diner, but they do that a lot in this area (even in NYC). I think it’s because the area is heavily populated with Spanish and they don’t get it. One time I was in NYC and wanted cranberry juice. The guy was Spanish and started putting SUGAR in my juice. I told him I didn’t want sugar. He said, “It won’t taste good.” Duh, I’m so glad you know what I like!

      It’s easier for people on the west coast where they’re more in tune. So many of my friends say that with my mentality I should be living in California. They’re probably right.

    • Oh wow, thanks for that list — that opens up a whole new door of opportunity, as I’ve stupidly assumed those cheeses were on the “evil” list! Nice for a treat, but they are still processed. I love rennetless raw milk cheeses. Organic Valley is probably the most popular.

    • Thank you so much! My method is that I only eat the cheese I buy myself, because not only do I use rennetless, I prefer raw milk cheese too. Otherwise it’s too heavy for me. Same with yogurt. If it’s not non-homogenized, I won’t consumer it. πŸ™‚

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