Paterson’s Historic Hinchliffe Stadium

Published June 23, 2013 by Maryanne


Hinchliffe Stadium is an historic 10,000-seat municipal stadium in Paterson, built in 1931-32, above Paterson’s National Historic Great Falls. Hinchliffe Stadium was designated as a National Historic Landmark in March, 2013 and a Paterson Historic Landmark in May 2013.

The deteriorating stadium is still an eyesore, but Friday morning I had the pleasure of seeing an art project the Paterson students in School 5 participated in, as they vision Hinchliffe Stadium.

You can read the full article here:

As I mentioned in my article, Brian LoPinto, co-founder of Friends of Hinchliffe Stadium, also assisted in judging and presented each student in the winning class with a baseball “to tie in with the stadium.

What was really cool, for me as a journalist, was that after the students received their baseballs, at least 10 of them asked me to autograph their baseballs!

It’s always moments like this that make my life so rewarding.

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