Jesus Comments Accepted and Welcome Here!

Published June 24, 2013 by Maryanne


I just stopped following a blog I regularly follow because the person was putting down Christianity and I defended my religion. Sad to say, my moderated comment was never accepted.

Second time this week, mind you.

I think it’s beyond pathetic how people like to keep Jesus in the closet because they feel that it’s not “cool” to be a Christian. It’s A-OKΒ  to be a Jew, or a Buddhist, or a pagan, or an atheist or a satanist … but God forbid you talk about God or Jesus!

Well, let me enlighten you. Nothing is cool. Cool is OUT. So you can all re-think your mission of keeping Jesus in the closet. Because even though you never accepted my moderated comment, it’s not going to stop me from posting about my Savior here.


That NOT ALL CHRISTIANSΒ  judge people!

That the pastor at my church does a lot of interfaith work.

That on Martin Luther King Day, our church joined with another church to give a service. My pastor spoke. So did a rabbi. So did a priest. The good word, is the good word, no matter who delivers it!

That there are cars parked in front of my church that have pagan “co-exist” bumper stickers on them and that is FINE because my church welcomes EVERYONE!

That I — A CHRISTIAN — have done more for gay/bisexual/transgender rights than any other straight person or Buddhist or athetist or fill-in-the-blank new-age hipster of the momenteer that I know!

What have YOU done for anyone lately?!

But I can talk until I’m blue in the face because people have to have their silly, ultra-ridiculous Christian stereotypes embedded in their pea brains because they need something to poke fun of to make themselves feel better about themselves. Ain’t that always the way. And of course we live in a “me, me, me” world, so people can’t have anyone say anything about anything unless it isn’t directly about THEM.

“Oh, not my religion, let me make sure everyone knows that!”

“Oh, I’m not religious at all … gotta get that out there … don’t want anyone to mistake I might be Christian.”

“Oh, it’s not hip to be Christian. No, can’t have that. No, I’m cool! I’m cool!”

“I’m not religious. I’m spiritual.”

WHATEVER! I’ve heard it ALL!

How many posts I wrote about my positive experiences in church and people just have to share that Christianity ISN’T their religion. It’s like they can’t press “like” and be happy for me without also expressing that is NOT their religion. Maybe if they fail to do so the world will combust and they will die tomorrow or something. Who knows?!

But this anti-Christian trend has to stop. It’s annoying. We, as Americans, put down people for being racists, so let’s do the same for religion-ists who hate Christians!

People fear Christianity because they see it as some sort of judging religion, when here they all are, the pots calling the kettles black by being ever so haughty themselves with their condescending put downs towards Christianity.

Well, with this post, I’m taking Jesus out of the closet! I don’t moderate comments about Jesus. Fellow Christians, feel free to share your positive stories here.

With 500+ people clicking on my blog each day, I think the word will be spread pretty quickly.


Someone had to say it, guess it was me!





20 comments on “Jesus Comments Accepted and Welcome Here!

  • I think people forget that what is the most important is to be a good person no matter what the religion or spiritual background. So what if someone is religious but still a mean or not nice person. Jesus said to love your neighbor and to not judge others, Buddha as well spoke of having love and compassion. What I can’t stand are hypocrites no matter what the religion. If someone is not a good person does it even matter what religion they profess to be? The Dali Lama said be the best of whatever religion you are. I agree with that and Jesus words to love and not judge. Granted that doesn’t mean I am always loving nor does it mean I never judge–I just try my best and hope to get better.


    • Yeah, exactly! And I’m all for respecting all positive religions. Even satanism has it’s positive aspects. It’s just so sad that people have to have their silly stereotypes about Christianity when judging is all over — not just in ONE religion!

      If you want to hate on judgmental people, come to Millburn or Redbank or Montclair, New Jersey where everyone walks around with a stick so far up their butt it’s coming out of their mouth!

  • Maryanne, this sounds very much like a comment of yours on my blog that I approved at 10:00am and responded to with a question of my own. If you are talking about another blog (which you might be, since you said the writer was “putting down Christianity” which I’d never do), then I’m sorry that others are so insensitive.

    But if you’re talking about my blog, you may want to stop by…No hard feelings though. I think EVERYONE should be free to love and enjoy their religion, so long as they don’t make others feel bad for their own!

    • Not yours, I just answered your comment. I’m talking about others that were written a few days ago.

      And it’s not just on blogs, it’s in real life too, so this is something that had to be written publicly.

      When I first started going to church a few years ago, I was truly disappointed by something a friend said to me, that I was turning to church as a cry during desperate times (which was far from the truth. I was having some eye issues that three stupid doctors couldn’t figure out — by the fourth it was right). But that’s not why I started going to church. In fact, when I found my second church (that I’m now a member of) a year later, it was during a very happy period in my life.

      And believe me, if I had found a unitarian church (one that celebrates all religions) that I loved, that’s where I would be, but none of them gave me the joy I get in the regular Christian church, so I rededicated myself to Christianity, but still am very much into pagan and Gurdjieff philosophy.

      • I’m glad. You’re awesome to talk to! πŸ˜‰

        Like I said, I was just worried because of
        A) my post today, and
        B) that I moderate my comments.

        Your friend sounds…special. I’ve known people who have turned to AND away from religion when going through rough times. I think that those coping strategies are far preferable to drugs, alcohol, etc. I’m happy that you found a religion that you like. πŸ™‚

      • Aw, don’t ever worry. I’m the type I rant and rave then I forget I’m even pissed. I never hold grudges, I think I’m like a guy that way πŸ™‚

        Yes, great point! And I’m happy too I found a religion I like because I need structure, but I do appreciate all of them. My favorite book was “Everyone is Right” which compares how alike all religions are.

  • You nailed it. God is God and Jesus is Jesus. The way in which we worship and pray or meditate or chant makes no difference. It’s all good and it’s all heard by, “the Man Upstairs”, Buddah, Allah, Jesus, God, The Universe, etc. etc. etc. Your church sounds amazing. I’m so happy you found it or, perhaps, it found you. πŸ™‚

    • LOL πŸ™‚

      When I was in my late 20s I had this Bible Study called “Cool for Christ.” All young kids who considered themselves misfits and felt uncomfortable in a church, felt comfortable at my Bible Studies. It was so much fun hosting these studies and all these young people came. A young couple even hooked up together. It was amazing πŸ™‚

  • It’s not the religious theosophies which set people ablaze with vehement rhetoric. It’s a man, the God man, the incarnate Jesus Christ who proclaimed, “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through Me.” The human race wants absolution, but only on their own terms; therefore they reject Christ.

    Religion manifests those terms, but it is rejected by the biblical God and we do not like rejection. When God was rejected He chose to die on a cross, rise from the dead, and provide the way to Him. We have a hard time wrapping our brains around such love because instinctively when we look in the mirror we truly see what, and who, we are in the eyes staring back at us.

    The only reason we look in a mirror is to fix our flaws.

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