Acupuncture for pets and children

Published June 27, 2013 by Maryanne

SAM_1361My baby, Billy Cat, age 19, receiving acupuncture treatments

Today Billy received his second acupuncture treatment to assist in healing his hypothyroidism which affected his hind legs. The condition depletes the nutrients from his body so his hind legs aren’t strong enough to walk. He has minimal feeling in his back legs.

With acupuncture treatment we hope to see him walk again in a few months. This condition is more common in dogs and many people have healed their dogs with acupuncture. Billy is also receiving laser treatments to help him heal faster. He will be going once a week. And of course he is on medications, both regular and holistic. We’ve covered all grounds, plus Dennis and I give him light massages and lots of love.

Dr. Aleda Cheng from the American Animal Hospital ( is treating him and said he is getting stronger, although he did lose a little bit more weight. It is good that he is eating A LOT.

Billy is also making a major effort to try to get up. His little legs are always going and stretching. The little guy is a trooper!

And last week I had the honor to go to St. Joseph’s hospital in Paterson to cover this story about acupuncture for children with cancer:

It was such an honor to be in the company of these very brave children!

14 comments on “Acupuncture for pets and children

  • oHHH,,, He Is sUch a GrEaT AdoRaBlE BraVe BoY!! AwaRe !cOnCentRaTiNG oN HeaLinG!!!– xox… a Wonderful inFoRmaTivE Article tHat HeLps uS look aT diFFiCulT eMoTioNal ThIngs nEw PrOmiSing WaYs– LoVe & reKoVeRy xoXs

    • Thanks so much for your kind words! It’s horrific watching a pet suffer, but this gives us tremendous hope. Especially knowing it’s worked with dogs — maybe it will work faster with cats! xoxooxox

  • That’s exactly what my canine sister Lexi looked like when she had her acupuncture, except Lexi was wearing a muzzle. Lexi was a feisty girl. Here’s hoping that Billy sees good results very soon!

      • Very relaxed! Lexi really only needed the muzzle for the vet to get that first pin in her head–at that relaxation spot. We saw some improvement after her first session, but I would say that it took about two or three more sessions to see real progress. She also took some Chinese herbs that her vet recommended, and in addition to the acupuncture the vet was treating her with more traditional anti-inflammatories early on. We think that she probably had an inflamed disk in her neck, but we really have no idea.

      • Nice! That’s what the vet suggested, a few months for real improvement, although she had to be vague and not get our hopes up. But positive me, my hopes are UP 🙂

        Glad Lexi is okay now 🙂

      • Actually, Lexi is in heaven now, but it’s not because of that. After she got better, she never had another problem, and eventually time just caught up with her. Hang in there!

      • Aw, RIP Lexi.

        Even if Billy doesn’t walk again, at least we are making him as comfortable as possible and he seems happy. He’s having a good life. Plus, we got a kick out of discovering there are wee wee pads for cats, not just dogs! 🙂

    • Yeah, day by day, little by little. He’s been pretty out of it, like he was with his first treatment. Today we’ll see if there’s any improvement. One thing I noticed, that I told Rachel below, for weeks his poor little paws were so cold, freezing! After yesterday’s treatment, they are warmer. The electro acupuncture definitely got his circulation going.

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