Glyde Condoms: Ethical, Vegan and Organic

Published July 2, 2013 by Maryanne

GlydeGlyde, an ethical and vegan condom

In speaking with my vegetarian friends I’ve learned that most animal lovers don’t know that most cheese is made with animal rennet, that Loreal is one of the biggest make-up/hair color offenders when it comes to animal testing and that many alcoholic beverages are filtered through bone char.

I wonder how many vegetarians and vegans know that condoms are made with casein, which is derived from milk? And that Trojans, the most popular brand of condoms in the USA were made by Church and Dwight — a company known for it’s unethical animal testing!

Well, single ladies and gentleman who care about animals can rejoice in that Glyde condoms are completely ethical, cruelty free and 100 percent vegan! The product contains no animal by-products and is certified vegan. Glyde condoms have never been tested on animals. (By that they mean animals weren’t harmed in lab tests in order to create the product, not that the condom was tested by putting it on an animal. I’m not trying to be funny, just thorough in my explanation.)

Glyde condoms are also paraben free and odorless. They are a fair trade product.

Some are also flavored for safe oral sex. But Glyde doesn’t use cheap chemical concoctions. They are high grade and sugar free, using organic fruit and nut extracts to create strawberry, vanilla and other  flavors.

So, to all my readers who are still playing the field and want to play it safe — please use Glyde Condoms. The lab rats and cows will love you for it!

Check them out here:

This has been a public service announcement from someone who really loves animals!

Thank you very much!

happy rat“Thank you for buying condoms that don’t test on animals!”


11 comments on “Glyde Condoms: Ethical, Vegan and Organic

  • YoU AlWaYS lOOk aT The ToTAle PikTuRe!!! & HeLp Us SeE eveRy AsPect oF ThIngs We mIgHt HaVe TaKen FoR gRaNtED!!★♫❉❣❤♬☆♡ !

  • Hey Maryanne, I have never even thought about the whole condom thing and animals. Yikes it’s scary as I’m about to be single, and this post is now very interesting to me! I shall take this into consideration when buying them. Yikes, even sounds weird to say that. Still, safe sex, right?? Hugs and have a great day…Paula xx

    • Aw, don’t be scared. It will be a whole new chapter of your life. I was single most of my adult life. I didn’t meet my husband until I was 42. Prior to meeting him, I made the most of my single years. Have fun dating, but just make sure you give yourself a nice chunk of “alone” time too. If any regrets, I wish I spent more time alone as a single woman instead of wasting it on so many jerks. (But on a positive note, I met a lot of great guys too, just not great for me.) You’ll do fine! xo

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