Sunday Happies

Published July 7, 2013 by Maryanne

SAM_1468Vegan salad from Grill Creations

Having a wonderful Sunday!

Skipped working out to get to church on time, which is always fantastic and uplifting.

Had a delicious vegan salad at Grill Creations in Garwood, with my husband. Always great fresh food and excellent service. Can’t go wrong there, highly recommended! The owner even came to our table to say hello.

SAM_1472Outside Scotti’s Record Shop

Next, we took a ride to Scotti’s Record Shop in Summit, the oldest indie record shop in the country, started in 1956! Check them out:

It was great shopping there because they were playing a CD I really enjoyed by Wilco.

SAM_1474The new HIM CD, “Tears on Tape”!

I treated myself to two old CDs, Splitz Endz and Kid Creole and the Coconuts. Dennis surprised me with a treat, the new HIM CD, “Tears on Tape” which is amazing!

Then I treated my hunny for a coffee. Felt nice to sit on a couch and relax, away from the hot hot heat wave!

SAM_1481Echo Queen Diner

I’ve never been to the Echo Queen Diner, but it’s always sad to see another building demolished. Dennis took these shots on the way home.

SAM_1482Soon to be no more!

Then we came home and Billy Cat was walking all around the house! Walking like a drunken sailor, mind you, but he is truly making a great effort to get his hind legs going again. This was the BEST he’s been since he’s been sick. He is healing and it’s such a blessing! He’s no longer hiding behind the couch. He wants to walk, to eat, to be sociable. It’s absolutely amazing. It’s nearly a miracle, thanks to the pet acupuncture and God! YAY!

There is more good news on the horizon — THREE great things actually involving creative projects. So keep following and to be continued!

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