Happy Birthday to the Godfather of Goth, Peter Murphy

Published July 11, 2013 by Maryanne

Maryanne's Jukebox

peter murphyPeter Murphy

The first time I heard of Peter Murphy was when viewing the movie, “The Hunger” starring David Bowie. Peter Murphy was performing with his band Bauhaus. I was ecstatic and brought many albums.

I continued to follow Peter Murphy’s solo career and his work with the late Mick Karn (Dali’s Car). I saw him perform his solo act quite a few times and a Bauhaus reunion tour.

When I worked at Montclair Times, I had the honor to do a phone interview Peter Murphy for one of our websites called My Montclair (which was great because the content didn’t have to be locally related).

Peter Murphy was a great interview. Kind, well spoken and a gentleman. He spoke of his kids and his life in Turkey. And we bonded over the fact that we were both fans of philosopher Gurdjief.

A few weeks later, Peter Murphy played at…

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4 comments on “Happy Birthday to the Godfather of Goth, Peter Murphy

  • Haven’t thought of him in forever – as always your remembrances of the roll of the music world in your life is intriguing and enlightening.

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