On Phone w/Joan (Osborne), Come in Quietly

Published July 11, 2013 by Maryanne


Joan Osborne is headlining at this gig Maplewoodstock in the town of Maplewood.

Last week I wanted to interview her to promote the show and didn’t hear anything, so I wrote the article without the interview: http://thealternativepress.com/articles/maplewoodstock-celebrates-10-years-of-art-and-mus

Then today I got a call from her management. My email request to interview Joan got lost in the shuffle. Since the concert is Sunday I had to do the phone interview tonight and was so happy Joan was able to commit to it! The time for the interview was 7:30 p.m. — around the time my husband would be getting home. Since he doesn’t use a cell phone (yeah, the two of us live in the dark ages) and he had already left from work, I left the above note on the door (along with other instructions that I already fed the cats) so he’d come in quietly.

So I’m on the phone and he’s shuffling around making sure the little cat, Derick, the loud, needy one, is quiet. Now that’s what I call team work!

Joan Osborne was a great interview! She first said she only had 10/15 minutes, but we talked about 25. That was super cool of her. I’m all in awe and giddy. I wrote the article already and it’s a healthy read of 700 words!

Stay tuned for the interview/article, which should be live tomorrow or Saturday the latest.

Joan+OsborneJoan Osborne (photo swiped from Google)

One of Us

Shake Your Hips

Midnight Train to Georgia



9 comments on “On Phone w/Joan (Osborne), Come in Quietly

  • It’s great that your husband doesnt have a cell phone. My husband wouldn’t have one either if he wasn’t required to have one for work – and that one was issued to him.
    YOu have such a great job!

    • Yeah, I love that about him too. And me, I have a “dumb phone” — not a smart phone. I only use it for emergency. I LOVE my career, but I need “me time” too and don’t want to be chained to an electronic device πŸ™‚

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