My article on Joan Osborne

Published July 12, 2013 by Maryanne

joan osborne 2Joan Osborne

Yesterday I had the awesome pleasure of interviewing Joan Osborne. We talked on the phone 25 minutes.

I’m so psyched the interview is up already, ENJOY:

Joan’s the headline act at Maplewoodstock this Sunday. Information is in the article. It’s a free show.


Also, yesterday, another extremely rewarding part of my career, I got to interview several young local performers who will be appearing at New Jersey’s Paper Mill Playhouse. Check it out, they’re adorable:

I had such a blast talking to the kids. This was in person at Keane University.

Busy day yesterday! Today I’m taking time off — much deserved!

5 comments on “My article on Joan Osborne

  • Antoher great article. I am only familiar with “One of Us” which I love. It is always great to know these talented people who seem to have dropped off the charts, or, as some people call them One Hit Wonders, are really enjoying a lot of success and happiness in other genres and mediums. She looks great.
    Enjoy your time it IS well deserved.

    • Yep, working musicians keep plugging along. She is blessed it’s her full time career and I love how she said in the end that she’s lucky she could take her kid on tour.

      Thanks for your kind words. I’m looking forward to my day off. It’s gorgeous in NJ!

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