Jack of All Trades

Published July 24, 2013 by Maryanne


When I met with my client Stefanie last week, we had such a wonderful conversation about “doing it all” in life and how we both have multi-talents and like to utilize all of them in our careers — which is why we are both self-employed.

If you have a regular job, often your talents are pushed to the back burner. I always remember being in between jobs and going to temp agencies or head hunters (not sure if this is still the correct term to use) and the evil lady behind the desk told me I’d never get a job I wanted.

Yeah, BINGO, so I created my own “job” and became my own boss. While writing is my first love, I love that I am not committed to one magazine, one newspaper or one type of writing. When you work for yourself, I believe there’s more growth than if you work for others because you create more opportunities.

Even if you have a full time job, you can still manifest multi-talent magic by setting up a spot in your home to be used solely for your creative endeavors. Try as many different things over the years and see what resonates with you — and others, as you need others to be interested in your work in order to make money at it.

Other than writing, here’s a short list of all the things I’ve done over the years and have made money at: modeling, DJ, art, accounts receivable/payable/collections, waitress, poetry, data entry, typesetting, typing, office manager, personal assistance, marketing … and so on.

And there are many things I’d still love to try in the future.

There is no rule in life that says you have to excel at one thing. Being a jack of all trades, master of some, is the way to go. It keeps me busy and I love the diversity.





7 comments on “Jack of All Trades

  • I couldn’t agree more Maryanne! I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to be “self employed” I use quote because I am having so much fun, it doesn’t really feel like I am working and there is still so much I want to accomplish. I do find it difficult to make myself stick to a productive schedule though. Do you ever have that problem? When I have a deadline I seem to work better, but it is hard for me to put deadlines for on myself. Do you ever have that problem? Have you created a schedule for yourself that works? There is always so much to do and so many things to learn, it’s hard to focus on one thing for too long.

    • Right on! Quotes here too, as it never feels like work (and doesn’t it slay you when people say, “Thank God it’s Friday — it’s just so irrelevant!)

      I don’t find it hard to stick to a productive schedule, I usually have it all mapped out or planned in my head what the game plan is, with wiggle room.

      • Oh you are fantastic. I always have to write down my plan. I get so easily distracted. But yes, I keep lots of wiggle room scheduled to. I find there are so many distractions around me, I have to write things down and not to mention trying to create when the mood to do so just isnt always there. Bu tI know you have no idea what I am talking about, you keep it all together pretty well.

        I do like Fridays though – not having to worry about running out to the school a couple times a day, plus my husbands off, and I usually don’t have to worry about appointments. Guess I am a slave to the 5 day work week after all. 🙂 But now that summer is here, everyday feels like Friday for me. yayyy

      • Yeah, my friend Shaolin called me “Queen of Multi-Tasking” — I always squeeze as much in as possible because #1, sometimes things cancel; #2, sometimes I work a lot faster than I realize; and #3, there will always be slow weeks (which I’ve learned to embrace — and not panic about,I now consider those times my unexpected deserved vacation days, ha-ha!) Also, a lot of people can’t believe I do this but I totally pick and choose. I turn down A LOT of work. Aw, our husbands are so cute, mine runs errands for me too — what a blessing, right Marie 🙂

      • an absolute blessing! I am also learning to take advantage of moments when there is nothing to do. But I always find SOMETHING. lol I love those days when I actually work faster than expected and get everything on my list done. I get such an adrenaline rush from that.

  • You really know how to live Maryanne! I also think you’ve got guts and talent so you’ve been able to succeed. I know so many people who go to work day after day hating their jobs and then come home tired and spent and just veg out watching TV. It’s sad, but I suppose they could change their lives if they wanted to. Celeste 🙂

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