A Walk in the Park

Published August 7, 2013 by Maryanne

SAM_1809Nature, practically in my own backyard!

Being self-employed, you have 99 percent happy days.

Yesterday was a one percent day, that rarely happens, but when it does, it’s absolutely awful. One of my clients stressed me to the point of chest pains and almost tears. Dennis was at the animal hospital with Billy. I was so stressed I called him there for comfort!

Then I spent a few hours getting lost in writing my book which is always a pleasure. Then I noticed the day was almost over. My husband was working out in the yard and just as I was going out, he was coming in. I suggested a walk.

What a great idea! It was so gorgeous out and not only did we see the fawn pictured above, but we saw the smallest bunny I ever saw in my life! It felt so good to get out and about.

No matter how much you love what you do, you just need to break away and call it a day.

Today I feel refreshed!

And I LOVE my dreams:

Last night I had a beautiful dream that my husband and I went to see Tommy James perform in the ocean. His whole band was in the ocean playing their instruments. It was so cool and surreal. I had a bathing suit on, and my husband looked very sexy in wet blue jeans.Β  Tommy came over to us to say “hello.”

7 comments on “A Walk in the Park

  • Glad the day got better for you. Maryanne. πŸ™‚

    The deer is so cute. On our farm I loved seeing the tiny baby field mice and all the baby rabbits. The farmers hate them and you here them shooting all night. Especially the Kangaroos as they destroy the crops. I hated it! 😦

    A walk does wanders and its great that you have such beautiful weather right now. I hope Billy Cat is okay?
    Hugs Paula xxx

    • Aw, that’s so sad, Paula! I never even heard that people shoot kangaroos, they are the most beautiful animal to me, I adore them, they have such big eyes and pretty faces, they kind of look like deer a little bit. Did you ever hold a kangaroo?

      Thanks for asking about Billy, he’s status quo, not getting better but not getting worse. He’s walking, but not perfectly. He still can’t get his little legs into the litter box, so we have to help him and keep him on the wee wee pads. He’s eating but not gaining weight. But he got a good report at the vet that he’s doing fine.

      HUGS! xoxxo

      • Oh shame, sorry.

        Actually as you drive up North where the big line haulers travel (my son drives them) inevitably you will see dead kangaroos. They come close to the roads early evening or late at night for the water. Problem is they stand in the middle of the road and by the time the trucks see them…its too late, they’ve already hit it.

        What people in other countries don’t know is that they are looked at as pests…crops etc. People go out on farms and kill them all night.
        The slang talk is, Roo shooting! Its so awful you would cry!

        I have held a joyey (baby) and they are Soooo cute. Up north the roos are called Big Reds. They can stand 6 ft tall. Its true that they box you and kick with there feet.

        You get people in Oz that love them….then the horrible hatters! The aboriginal people eat them all the time. Hope this hasn’t upset you? Just been honest. Hugs xxx

      • That’s terrible Paula. Then you have people who are anti-zoo, but at least in zoos it can increase the life time of an animal. We have a beautiful zoo near us with a bunch of kangaroos — and they seem very happy, not deprived at all! They hug the zoo keepers, it’s the cutest thing.

  • So happy you were able to be happy despite the “badness” of the day. Cool sounding dream too. πŸ™‚

    I love fawns. They are one of the wild animals who will always trust you if you raise them, no matter how old they get (unlike red squirrels, raccoons and pigs!). When I worked at the wildlife rehab, I help to raise about 35 fawns over 3 years…it was ridiculous how many would be dropped off by cops after their mothers were hit by cars.

    Some interesting things about baby deer is that they have to drink goat (not cow) milk, they have no scent til they lose their spots, and they have prehensile tongues! πŸ™‚

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