Sex “Bomb” and the City

Published August 8, 2013 by Maryanne

sex bomb

Two years ago I watched “Sex and the City” for the first time. Fell madly in love with the show and watched every episode — several times.

The other day I got an Amazon gift card and decided to check out the book.

I was disappointed.

Here is the review I posted on Amazon:

I watched “Sex and the City” for the first time two years ago and fell in love with it. I knew the book was going to be different — and in most cases the book is better.

I somehow missed the original “Sex and the City” column in the Observer, so I had nothing to go by. However, around the same time there was another sex/dating column that ran in the New York Press by a young lady named Judy McGuire. The column was called “Date Girl.” McGuire’s column was hilarious and a great read! When I worked in NYC I looked forward to Tuesday evenings when new The New York Press was published and I read “Date Girl” religiously. I think I was expecting “Sex and the City” — the book — to be cute, fun, cool and honest like McGuire’s writing always was.

So I got the “Sex and the City” book a few days ago. It was a turn-pager only because I was wondering if it was ever going to get better. I didn’t “get” the characters as many were dull, egotistical and needy. It was like, “yeah, whatever.”

Not to mention, the book was poorly edited. Grammatical mistakes practically jumped off the pages.

There were some funny parts, like the “nanny camera” story, but for the most part it was boring, depressing and definitely not empowering for a woman.

7 comments on “Sex “Bomb” and the City

  • Oh wow!

    I thought it would be great. I was such a huge fan of that show. Actually I just watched the movie the other night. Yikes…I kept wanting Big to inside and when he left? Ahhhh my heart sank. Lol

    Have a great weekend, Maryanne. Hugs to Billy cat. Paula xxx

    • Yeah both of the movies were fantastic. The book is NOTHING like the TV show or the movies. It’s dull. I checked on Amazon for the reviews, then it was like, “Okay, it’s not just me, other people hated it too.”

      • Ha-ha, I’m glad! Seriously, you’d get depressed, Paula. It wasn’t a fun book. It was so empty. Even Dennis noticed I was down when I was reading it. Such a bad read after personally editing two fantastic chick lit books from clients … this was a major disappointment, it was supposed to be fun not work, but my work was more fun! HA!

  • Thanks for sharing this. I loved the Sex And The City cable tv series too. It’s often the other way around for me. I first read and love the book and then disappointed in the film or tv version.

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