Happy Birthday, Grandma! (Aug. 14, 1918 to Jan. 27, 1995)

Published August 14, 2013 by Maryanne

grandma 1918Grandma

GrandmaGrandma’s wedding picture

This is what I wrote on Face Book in Grandma’s honor this morning:

Happy Birthday to the coolest Grandma ever! Rest in Peace, my beautiful Grandma (Aug. 14, 1918 to Jan. 27, 1995) the person who taught me to be fun, positive and to live each day to the fullest; the person who had the best quote, “Take a chance, Columbus did” and when she was mad at you, “Don’t be so sour-castic!” To the Grandma I could wake up in the middle of the night and tell her I met Johnny Rotten and she’d be happy for me. To the Grandma who made the best linguine and clam dish. To the Grandma who loved and forgave unconditionally. To the Grandma who loved and accepted every one of my friends — and kids would rather talk to her at my parties than be with other kids, that’s how great she was! To my Grandma who loved Elvis, flirted with Elvis impersonators and was buried wearing her Elvis watch. To my Grandma who everyone talked to, even strangers, because she was so beloved. There will never be another Grandma like you! I miss you more than you’ll ever know!

I received so many wonderful comments, even sharing memories with my two cousins Laura and Michelle, which was awesome. My good friend Todd put this touching Elvis song on his music page for her:

Loving Arms

And this is my own special Elvis dedication to her. I listened and had a good cry in her memory.

I’ll Remember You

And Grandma, the angel, gave us the most lovely day in New Jersey today.

7 comments on “Happy Birthday, Grandma! (Aug. 14, 1918 to Jan. 27, 1995)

  • Maryanne, you are so blessed to have had your grandma in your life, but I know you know that. reading this makes ME miss her. I am sad for your loss but very happy for your beautiful and happy memories and i LOVE the phrase “sour – castic”. Good one.

    Have a wonderful day.

    • Aw, thanks Marie! Yeah, the way I talk about her Dennis acts like he knows her (unfortunately he never got to meet her, but when we went for our marriage certificate I secretly brought pictures of my grandmother and his late mom — and whipped them out as we were signing the papers … he was so touched!)

  • Your grandma was a great example of who we should all want to be when we get to that age in life – and we start by being that way right now.

  • Afternoon, Maryanne! 🙂

    Your grandmother looks like a princess in her wedding photo! 🙂

    I love spaghetti and clams. When I go to Italy it’s the first thing I ever order. It’s simple, but they make it takes like a delicacy.

    I have Elvis memorabilia too and just loved him.
    Rest in peace, grandmother.

    I hug you, Maryanne. I’m sure she hears you. Love Paula xxxxx

  • yoU are oAssing on sOoo much of her bEauty and ExtrAordinAry humor and positive ◉✄♥☞♬✏✱❋❣eNergy!!

    Sent from my iPhone !!!~(*v*)~>^:^<!!! ƸӜƷ*~* ☾~✼* ✼~☀✼♩ ♫_❤*★

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