Published August 20, 2013 by Maryanne

SAM_21058:19 on 8/19!

It was so bizarre, last night when we hopped in my car to celebrate my birthday, the time was 8:19 on 8/19! I caught this photo just seconds before it was 8:20.

I had an amazing day. My husband took me to Park & Orchard, one of my favorite restaurants in New Jersey: http://www.parkandorchard.com/

We stayed in a local hotel for the day and night since we needed to be near home to check the cats, as they are old and need medications. After lunch we stopped at my mom’s work to say hello on my birthday.

At night we went for drinks. I had my favorite Moonstone unfiltered sake. It was an amazing night. After seven years I am still so very much in love with my husband and love our dates. I feel good and happy and a tad hungover, as the bartender brought me that last drink I shouldn’t have had, but glad I did!

One more celebration with my sister next weekend and that’s enough birthday until next year!

What a blessing to be on this planet another year — to inspire, to create, to help others, to enjoy and most important of all to love!

9 comments on “8/19

  • Happy Birthday! Sounds like a great time – the best part being with the ones you love. You’ve prodded me to pay attention to my clock (it’s getting close – 8:21 on 8/21) so Happy August birthday to you from another August birthday.

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