The Beauty of Slow

Published August 25, 2013 by Maryanne

baby and mommy

In this day and age of rush, rush, rush, there is something to be said about taking your time. Creativity isn’t a conveyor belt. Your muse should be truly loved and nurtured. And that takes time. Sometimes a very long time. Your muse shouldn’t be sent out to the world prematurely, as you wouldn’t send a child to school before he/she is developed. Cherish your muse, with all your heart. True artists have no expiration date.  — Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta

3 comments on “The Beauty of Slow

  • Oh Yes! I often have to remind myself to take in all the little moments and take care of the muse. you never know where inspiration will come from, you just have to slow down and observe.

    • Yes, that’s why it’s important to have several creative projects simultaneously. I could never live if I wasn’t a creative person, I crave creativity like it’s air to breathe.

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