Tusk: The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Tribute, Linden New Jersey

Published August 28, 2013 by Maryanne


Tusk is my favorite cover band because each individual musician has greatness to offer.

Kathy Philips IS Stevie Nicks. She has the vocals down pat and never breaks character. Her costume is made beautifully: black suede boots, sequined black shawl and Nicks’ trademark top hat. She whirls and twirls and shakes her tambourine throughout the night, never missing a beat. (Note: Last summer I saw them perform outdoors during a full moon — it was enchanting to see a recreation of Stevie Nicks doing “Rhiannon” with a full moon as backdrop!)

Scott McDonald on guitar is amazing. I’ve seen this band perform several times and thanks to him magically¬† recreating the work of Lindsay Buckingham, I am now a big Lindsay Buckingham fan and have several CDs. I have to say, he’s my favorite band member.

Kim Williams on keys and vocals has the prettiest voice. I said to my husband last night, she plays as she sings, soft, pretty and delicately. She’s so cute and stylish too — great hair, bell bottoms, platforms and a halter top. Don’t know if that’s her real style or doing the ’70s thing for the show, but it works!

Randy Artiglere on bass was mind-blowing. I’ve always been a “bass girl” and he certainly delivered.

And for the greatest drum solo from a cover band, Tom Nelson, who added all the drum solo cliches from popular bands such as U2 and The Rolling Stones, then got up and started drumming on the pillars and door along side the outdoor theater. It was crazy, fun!

They leave no stone unturned when it comes to the library of Fleetwood Mac songs. You’ll hear all of them. My favorites are: “World Turning”; “Say You Love Me”; “Gypsy”; “Edge of 17”; “Gold Dust Woman” (which is total perfection, thank you Ms. Kathy Philips!); “Go Your Own Way” and best of all “Second Hand News.”

Interesting, this is probably the fifth time I saw Tusk over the past three years and every time they begin “Rhiannon” I’m thinking it’s “Oh Daddy” — but since they are doing the LIVE version of “Rhiannon” it throws me off. I’d love to see them do “Oh Daddy” someday.

Another suggestion would be Lindsay Buckingham’s “Holiday Road.” Because not only does McDonald have the guitar genius going on, he can sing like Lindsay Buckingham!

If you’re a Fleetwood Mac fan, or someone like me who only had a few albums, check out Tusk and trust me, you’ll end up being more of a Fleetwood Mac fan then you ever thought you’d be!

SAM_2305Kathy Philips channels a young Stevie Nicks

SAM_2282Guitar extraordinaire –Scott McDonald

SAM_2288Left to right: Kim Williams, Tom Nelson, Kathy Philips

SAM_2276Randy Artiglere and Kim Williams

NOTE: If anyone wants to swipe these photos, I have no problem with that — just be polite and credit: Photos courtesy of Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta.

6 comments on “Tusk: The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Tribute, Linden New Jersey

  • Hey Maryanne, I’m a huge Fleetwood Mac fan.

    I loved it when the boys were together ,before their other halves. But, Stevie Nicks is just awesome. I used to love dressing like her. Lol I was a mix of Cyndi Lauper young and then a Stevie Nicks wanna be!! LMAO

    The girl looks brilliant! Oh Daddy was one of my favourite songs. It always made me think of my dad. I had a very strained relationship with him as a result of getting pregnant so young. His dad was from India and very strict. I suppose I disappointed him. Loved your post. Hugs to you. Paula xxxx

    • Thanks for your comments, Paula! Yes, the little I heard of the original Fleetwood Mac is amazing. I’ll have to explore more of that — definitely!

      Heh, I got a lot of the “Stevie Nicks” comments in high school. I had the hair like her, but didn’t dress like that (until my gothic years in the 1980s!) Here’s a photo of me in my late 40s that people say I look like Stevie Nicks: http://pinterest.com/pin/50102614576536752/

      Glad you enjoyed the post, you should view Tusk on You Tube for a real treat! xo

      • Just checked them out. She’s brilliant. Stevie would have to be happy with that. OMG! You so do look like her. What a great picture. Thanks for sharing it with me. Have a good day. Hugs xxxx

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