Sex Sells But My Audience Will Expand If the Age Bracket Does!

Published September 19, 2013 by Maryanne


My Face Book status today: “People who have great sex lives don’t need to hear about other people’s sex lives. That said, I’m proud to say my upcoming book will have a mere PG-rating. Your kids can read it and so can your grandmother — and it will still be a page-turner. Thank you very much.”

I’ve written for several sex publications in my younger days and I was damn good at it. But honestly, you get to a point where you just have to move on in life writing about other things. It’s like, okay, I did that, where is the challenge now?

A fellow writer friend who also wrote for sex publications agreed on how draining it could be. Then once you are known for writing about sex it seems that’s all people want to talk about with you.

That said, I may be the first person to ever write a rock ‘n’ roll book without sharing my sex life. It’s a thrill being able to write so intensely while keeping it classy. My mother will be proud!

About a year ago, inspired by the television show, “Swingtown,” I thought it would be fun to create a similar scenario taking place in the 1980s instead of the 1970s. I started writing a book. But, I’m really struggling  because deep down I feel I am going backwards in my career, creating scenes and ideas that I’ve mastered writing about in the 1990s. Now a year into writing this book, I’m not sure I want to go there and finish it.

I shared with my husband, “I just want to write a poignant book about a cat — now that would be challenging!”

He smiled and gave me a hug. He was proud of me.

When I finally do publish my first book, whether it’s the autobiography I’m working on, or a fictitious side project, I want everyone I know to be able to purchase my first book — from my 12-year-old nephew to my 91-year-old father-in-law. Maybe they wouldn’t be interested in the book, but just in case they are, I don’t ever want to discourage someone from buying my book because of inappropriate material.

Recently Shirley Jones published a controversial tell all and so many people said they didn’t need to hear that — and I am with them! Don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely a place for sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll — but it doesn’t have to be EVERY PLACE! (In other words, shoved in your face!)

I do have a possible future project coming up that if it pulls through it will have sex and rock ‘n’ roll to appeal to the masses. It will be the experience of someone else, not my experience, written more from a journalistic perspective.

However, when it comes to writing my memoirs, there’s something to be said about going with your heart and not going with what is currently trending. Or being brainwashed into thinking that my book will sell if — and only if — it has sex.

No, I think I’m better than that.

3 comments on “Sex Sells But My Audience Will Expand If the Age Bracket Does!

  • I agree. There is a time and place for everything and obviously right now it’s of no interest to you. Who know’s maybe one day you will write another book and maybe then you may decide to share some of your crazy youthfulness! 🙂
    Have to admit I would buy both books! Lol
    I suppose why I say that is from reading your blog you’ve had a very interesting life, and it makes for great reading. 🙂 I mean that sincerely.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Hugs Paula xxxx

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