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Gary Numan at Vintage Vinyl, 10-28-13

Published October 28, 2013 by Maryanne

SAM_2752Gary Numan (photo by Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta)

Tonight was amazing!

I drove over to Vintage Vinyl around 5:30 in anticipation of Gary Numan’s in-store performance.

It was so cool, I waited outside (gorgeous NJ day) and met some very nice people. Gary Numan and his band performed for about 45 minutes, then his fans were able to meet him and get his autograph.

Most of the fun was waiting on line. I met three new girlfriends and we talked so much about music, music, music!

Then the magical moment of meeting music icon Gary Numan. He was so very nice.

A fun night had by all!

SAM_2767Gary Numan and me

SAM_2764Ran into my friend John!

SAM_2769With my new friends!

Only Women Bleed, and Bleed and Bleed (Review of Carrie – 2013)

Published October 27, 2013 by Maryanne


As I blogged earlier this year, I am a huge “Carrie” fan. (Check out my blog from April, “Carrie On!”

I read the book by Stephen King (before the original movie came out in 1976) and saw all the movies. Loved each and every one, including the newest release, “Carrie.” I saw it last night and was major impressed.

Sometimes we purists don’t like our originals to be tainted, but with modern twists it’s proven that you can perfect perfection.

Chloe Grace Moretz plays a perfect 21st Century Carrie. She’s sweet, smart, and best of all — empowered. She sasses her religious fanatic mom Margaret White, played brilliantly by Julianne Moore, she’s on to her bully classmates questioning their motives and she grows as a person throughout the movie. Not to mention, she’s absolutely precious, so you truly feel sorry for all she deals with.

A bully is always a bully, but in this modern version of Carrie they take it to the next tragic level of harassment with Smart Phone uploads. “Carrie” also illustrates the truth in that teachers are not always perfect, parents will often defend their little darlings no matter how wrong they are, and as annoying as text messaging is — there is tenderness in a few simple words, as we learn that Tommy Ross, played by Ansel Elgort is sincere in pursuing a friendship with Carrie by taking her to the prom (what you never really learned in the original, as you always second guessed — something I always hated about the original) and double kudos in showing via text message, even though Tommy Ross thinks Carrie is beautiful, he is still loyal to his girlfriend — a special sweet brief moment that makes the “good guys” (Carrie, Tommy and Sue Snell, played by Gabriella Wilde) all the more endearing.

Oh, and there’s plenty of gore and blood — menstruation blood, blood from knife wounds and of course pig blood (but it’s noted that no animals were harmed during this motion picture).

And of all the Carries, Chloe Grace Moretz does not go down without a fight — a big one … in fact, so big she’s almost Godzilla-like in the final scenes — as the audience cheers her on! Carrie is definitely an iconic hero in this flick.

I highly recommend — especially to bullies because telekinesis is more common than you would think. So beware of who you pick on, there’s a little “Carrie” in all of us! Or at least there should be.

Hypnotherapy Works!

Published October 26, 2013 by Maryanne

SAM_2708Me with good friend and hypnotherapist, Scott Lea

I was heading up north today for my uncle’s funeral (which was truly a beautiful service) and on the way over I stopped at the Vitamin Shoppe in Little Falls to support my good friend Scott Lea who had a table set up.

Almost 10 years ago, I used Scott’s services because I was a mess — I was obsessed with health! Then I got on this kick where I was constantly worrying about my teeth. I thought they hurt every day and kept going to the dentist only to find nothing was wrong with my teeth. Weird, right?!

After a few sessions of hypnotherapy with Scott, my teeth stopped hurting — it was all my imagination! It was stress and being obsessed with my health that was doing me in. Stress is the worst thing for a person. You can eat all the organic food in the world, but if you’re not at peace with yourself, it’s not doing you an ounce of good!

Then two summers ago, I had a bit of a relapse, the health obsession started up again — this time with my eyes! I went to three different eye doctors to find nothing wrong (except that I’m near-sighted which is corrected with glasses or contact lenses, otherwise my eyes are healthy). I went to Scott again, and while this time it took a little longer to stop worrying, but I eventually did by using the subliminal CDs that Scott recorded for me.

Now I can honestly say I am worry free — and have been for quite some time.

Since relaxing and not stressing over health, I’ve become a much happier person — and now truly healthier!

It’s such a great feeling to get through the day without worrying about anything — not health, not people, not growing old, not my career — NOTHING! I just LIVE, happy, every day — and that is how life should be! (Note: The only time I was sad was when my 19-year-old cat died, and that’s understandable, obviously.)

If anyone is interested in Scott’s services, please check out his website: 

There are over 200 known uses for hypnotherapy, some include: stop smoking, stress, pain control, insomnia, anxiety, phobias, weight loss, drug addiction, and eating disorders.

An Excellent Week!

Published October 25, 2013 by Maryanne

SAM_2706Happy me today!

This week was simply amazing on so many levels.

Monday, started off with a big bang. Monday is the day I usually book all my musicians, then once that’s out of the way, I spend the rest of the week writing. Well this Monday, I got my musicians more bookings than I have in a very long time.  It was bizarre how it just snowballed.

And lately, my thing is public speaking, which I love. I booked myself several public speaking engagements on Monday too, so there’s a lot to look forward to in the very near future.

Today I had my second health lecture at Mt. Arlington Senior Living. The first time I spoke to the seniors a month ago it was on basic health facts: positives of not smoking, positives of getting a good night’s sleep, etc. They enjoyed that and invited me back, so today’s topic was “The Benefits of Walking.” They really liked that too so now I’ll be coming back in November.

When I came back from the lecture, I surprised two of my former clients who I’m very fond of and that was just awesome.

And out of the blue, an old client came back with a special short project, that was fun and different.

I’m loving the October weather so much and look forward to an amazing weekend. Tomorrow I’m going to see one of my friends for support. He’s a hypnotherapist and will be at a Vitamin Shoppe. Sad that a funeral follows, but my cousins said they’ll be excited to see me.

Last night watched “House of Wax” starring Vincent Price with my husband. October is just great, because the driving is so pretty when you’re out and about, but also great staying in snuggling weather too! It’s always a win-win.

Also, a great shout out to Marie, who I met here on WordPress:

I had a very nice moment with Marie because we follow each other on Pinterest and she just happened to see that someone hacked my page and put up some “get thin quick” scams — which I totally don’t believe in!

I was happy she took the time to reach out to me to let me know — but truly touched that she knew I wasn’t the kind of person to promote a scam.

In this day and age so many people want excuses to be mad at others. They’ll be condescending and mean to each other to make themselves look good (or so they think!). I once had a bad experience when someone hacked my Yahoo account and was asking all of my contacts for money — and someone was stupid enough to think that it really was ME asking for money! But that just goes to show how negative people are. That person was just looking for an excuse not to talk to me anymore so psyched herself into believing something false and sadly, I never heard from her since! (Her loss — totally!)

So, that said, when someone does something special for you — it really makes you grateful and super happy because people aren’t always so nice. Therefore I don’t ever take good people for granted. Thank you, Marie for being the icing on my cake this week! You’re an inspiration 🙂

Stay tuned, some really fun things will be happening — especially this upcoming Monday night!

How to Draw Your Pet

Published October 19, 2013 by Maryanne

BillyOriginal photograph

SAM_2679My drawing (time: 1.5 hours)

Michael Malzone is another friend I reconnected with on Face Book. He has a wonderful art workshop in Pompton Plains, New Jersey ( I spent the afternoon taking a class on “How to Draw Your Pet.”

This was the first art class I ever took since grammar school, so I think I did pretty good for a first try. I was in a class with one other adult and the rest were kids.

I had such a fun time. Michael is an excellent teacher with a great sense of humor. If anyone is in the area, I highly recommend his classes. His techniques make art pretty easy. Today we used the “grid” method. Great artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci have used this fun method.

SAM_2678“Mr. Mike” and one of his masterpieces!

SAM_2682Me, Michael, and young art students

Site Stats are BOOMING!

Published October 18, 2013 by Maryanne

BOOM! - 2

Go me!

I just received another notification that my site stats are booming!

I checked my stats to see what article caught everyone’s attention as the notification said I was getting as many as 50 hits per hour!

Turned out, my popular article was my re-post of something I had published online a few years ago, “Vinegar Worth Bragg-ing About” — in regard to the benefits of Bragg’s vinegar:

But how are people finding this link? I remembered a Face Book friend linked to it, but at the time no one seemed interested, as there were no “likes.” So I went to my stat page and low and behold, this article is making it’s way around Pinterest! I was so thrilled that a stranger found my article and liked it enough to pin it!

So, this is another one of oh so many moments I can say, “I’ve arrived!”

CBGB (Could Be Good But…) Movie

Published October 17, 2013 by Maryanne

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMe and Emily from All the Pretty Horses at CBGBs in 2004

When I heard they were making a movie about CBGBs I was excited. I missed the 1970s heyday, as I was too young, but did catch another generation of bands there in later days (from the 1980s to 2000s) — one of them being Jayne County who is on the soundtrack for the movie.

I’m not a musician, but one night I had the pleasure of being on the CBGB stage. It was for a battle of the bands. I was a journalist and suggested that Father Divine, from Montclair, enter the contest as I recently reviewed their CD for Aquarian Arts Weekly and also did a write-up in Montclair Times. They were great — and they won the contest.

I was seated at a table of celebrity judges: John Holmstrom, founder of Punk Magazine, plus-size model Mia Tyler and musician/producer, Genya Raven. When the emcee was too drunk to continue his job, it was Genya who suggested I emcee! It was a thrill to be on the famous CBGB stage.

So, that’s my little CBGB story. I’m no one famous. I wasn’t at CBGBs during it’s heyday. And even when I was old enough to go to night clubs and see bands legitimately, I was more of a Max’s Kansas (again, tail end, not heyday), Peppermint Lounge and Ritz kinda gal.

STILL — I’m all jazzed for the movie because A. the soundtrack and B. my very good friend John Holmstrom has a major role in the film, he’s played by Josh Zuckerman.

When my husband told me the movie was playing in South Orange, I was so happy! We set up a “date night” mid-week (last night) and decided to go after voting. I washed my hair and was all set for DATE NIGHT! And CBGBs!

Everything was running smooth as silk. We voted quickly, got to the theatre (which was in a lovely artsy area near Seton Hall University) and parked with no problem. It was a gorgeous night in October.

SAM_2642CBGB movie at 7:30

SAM_2634We’re here! Going to see CBGB’s movie — yeah!

We went inside and it was just us — and another couple. The entire theatre was EMPTY.

My husband made a joke that we were at a private showing. I took advantage running up and down the aisles, jumping in front of the screen and taking photos.

Then the movie started. It looked amazing. Excellent cinematography. Then I saw my friend John Holmstrom’s name and I screamed, “YAY!”

Then …. it dawned on us …. there was NO SOUND!

My husband and the other woman in the audience went to complain to management. The answer they got was, “We’re working on it.”

Nothing happened. They just couldn’t get the sound working.

Now, my husband is very tech savvy, and the other guy in the audience worked as a cameraman for CBS. Both offered to try to get the sound going, but the management wouldn’t have it. “We can’t just let people go back there.”

Since it was a DVD, not film, the woman had a genius idea. She wanted to BORROW the DVD, leave her license there, and then have Dennis and I over their house for wine and a movie! How sweet is that? I was in shock of the kindness of strangers. But the management said, “No.”

The other couple said they were dying to see the movie because they were big CBGB goers back in the day. And the guy had a cousin who was in The Shirts. They seemed so cool and it would have been so much fun to hang out with potential new friends. But it wasn’t happening …

So, this was the only night it was playing in our area. Otherwise we’d have to drive to NYC, which is out of the question due to being actively busy both socially and business, so there are major time constraints.  (We could do it on a Sunday, but hey, it’s October, my favorite month of the year and I don’t want to be cooped up in a movie theatre in the afternoon).

We got a refund and tickets for a future movie. I’m totally bummed because “CBGB” is the only movie out I wanted to see. I’m not a movie person. The last movie I saw was “Frankenweenie” — a year ago!

“That really looked like it was going to be a good movie,” my husband Dennis said as we walked out.

So, I guess we will wait until the DVD comes out. Which means it will probably be a great movie because everything I ever had to wait for in my life was well worth waiting for!

UPDATED SIDE NOTE: I just realized Village Voice used the same headline I did in an earlier article about the movie! This was strictly coincidence.