Cranbury and Bordentown Beach

Published October 2, 2013 by Maryanne

SAM_2446My husband in front of Cranbury Bookworm

Cranbury Bookworm was a two family house — every room was filled with books! It was one of my favorite places and you could spend hours there. They’ve recently downsized to a smaller place. I think it’s pretty cute and it still has a lot of cool books.


SAM_2448My husband and Randy Now

Man Cave is a super cool record store in Bordentown with great buys. Owner Randy Now is a great guy with lots of good stories. Check out their website:

SAM_2450View of Bordentown Beach


SAM_2461With my new car

SAM_2464Halloween cuteness on the way home

SAM_2465Americana! (Photo by Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta)

8 comments on “Cranbury and Bordentown Beach

  • hey, i have been recently looking up articles on the cranbury bookworm. It’s nice to know that a lot of people enjoyed it so much. My grandfather was the original owner of the store. I don’t remember much of the old store, but i know it was very sentimental to my dad and many other people. I recently visited the new store. It’s a shame that they had to downsize it. My family is really going to miss the old store. : (

    • Hi Alizza, thanks for your comment! My husband and I adored the old store. I bought quite a few books there the few times I visited. I’m so sad that it’s been downsized, but at least it’s still in existence. When I first saw the old store was no more, I almost cried. It was definitely a heart-breaking moment .. for me.

      • Yeah, the new store is really cute, but i wish i could have seen the inside of the old one. I don’t really remember it at all because we moved when i was really young. The part i’m really sad about, though, is that we didn’t even know the store had been sold until we went to Cranbury for summer vacation last year.

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