Friendship Reunion (After 24 Years!)

Published October 6, 2013 by Maryanne

SAM_2522Michelle, Me, Martha

See these girls I’m with? Prior to today I haven’t seen them since 1989! The three of us worked together at a music company called Latin Percussion in Garfield, New Jersey, while we were in our 20s.

I only stayed at Latin Percussion eight months and lost touch with Michelle and Martha (who remained close).

I found them again on Face Book and today we all got together, with our husbands at Martha’s home in Pennsylvania. It was a blast, as if we never missed a beat! Martha cooked us an amazing dinner and we all spent the day together, along with their boys and doggies.

Now Michelle is a self-employed make-up artist and hairstylist. And Martha has her own pet boarding/fostering service. We had such a fantastic time, we’re all getting together again before the holidays!

SAM_2523Left to right, Martha’s Steve, my Dennis and Michelle’s John

SAM_2526All together now!

4 comments on “Friendship Reunion (After 24 Years!)

  • Maryanne, this is so awesome. I have a few friends that I have had the opportunity to reconnect with after years apart and it is always so much fun and it’s even better that all your husbands were able to join in the fun!

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