When Our Idols Fall

Published October 15, 2013 by Maryanne

peter murphyPeter Murphy, Godfather of God

(Photo swiped from Google Search)

By now everyone has read the news, Peter Murphy pleads guilty to meth possession in hit and run, three years probation: http://www.slicingupeyeballs.com/2013/10/14/peter-murphy-peads-guilty-meth-probation/

Nothing new for someone famous, this happens all the time … but the problem with this certain circumstance is this is PETER MURPHY!

For those who don’t know who Peter Murphy is, he was the lead singer in Bauhaus, the dark wave band popular in the early 1980s, partially due to their appearance in “The Hunger” starring David Bowie, Catherine Denevue and Susan Sarandon.

After Bauhaus, Peter Murphy had several solo albums, many with inspiring spiritual messages. It’s was Peter Murphy’s song “Socrates the Python” that made me seek out the philosophical works of George Gurdjieff, which was considered underground in the mid-1980s — only friends from California “got it” and I had to walk around with brown paper bags over my Gurdjieff books or people would have thought I was satanic or brain-washed.

Peter Murphy’s was my salvation. It was his music that made me strive to be a better person and it was a spiritual awakening when my friend Vinnie took me to see him perform live at Town Hall in the early 1990s. When he sang, “The Light Pours Out of Me” and the light guy had a stream of light piercing through Murphy’s eyes as Murphy peered slightly above the eye level of the audience. He looked like a modern day Jesus Christ; it was the ultimate moment in stage show theatrics.

It wasn’t until over 10 years later when I had the opportunity to interview Peter Murphy for an online newspaper. We spoke on the phone for almost a half hour. Murphy was a kind man and true gentleman. He spoke lovingly of his family and perked up when I mentioned that like him I was into the work of Gurdjieff. That is when he mentioned Gurdjief groups in NYC. We also spoke of his work with Dali’s Car, a joint effort with my favorite bassist, the late Mick Karn.

A month later he was performing at the Birch Hill Niteclub in New Jersey. Murphy told me to introduce myself, so I did after the show. It was a nice, warm, spring night. Murphy was in a van — not a limo — greeting fans. He was so approachable. I walked right up to him, mentioned our conversation about Gurdjieff and he remember me right away.

On such a high, I stayed outside with friends, watching other fans meet the gothic bat man. Everyone walked away with a smile on their faces. Peter Murphy had such a positive effect on his fans. Girls and guys alike were happy and glowing after meeting him.

Murphy stayed until he met and shook hands with every fan that was outside in the Birch Hill parking lot. Then when his van pulled away, he actually looked out the window and waved to us!

So how does someone go wrong? What makes a man who has it all so weak? Who am I to say? I am nobody to judge, but like so many other fans, I am disappointed and in shock.

I wish nothing but the best for Peter Murphy. I hope whatever it is that is so lacking in his life gets fixed and that he may go back to leading an inspiring life and making great music.

C’mon Peter Murphy, we’re all rooting for you!

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