Oh, So Raven

Published November 27, 2013 by Maryanne

On WordPress you meet the most amazing people! So cool to have met Marie. First we connected on music, then when I realized what a great artist she was, she commissioned some items for me. Check it out in this great blog she wrote about what she made for my friend Darlene!

Marie Friddle

As usual, once October approaches, November and December come full speed at me. Here it is the end of November and not a post has been posted…

I have very exciting news to share. Well, two bits of exciting news, but I’m waiting to share until most the details have been worked out.

In the mean time, I thought I’d share with you a tin I was “commissioned” to do. I was asked to make a raven themed tin for an artist who specializes in digital photography and image enhancement.

I was nervous about this task because after looking at the work created by this artist, I felt grossly inadequate. How could I, a “self-teaching” unknown, create anything worthy enough to present to a talented, accomplished artist? I love her work, the haunting images, the eeriness of it all, and I wanted to capture the ideas expressed in her work…

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