Do I Look Like I Eat “Nothing”? (A Vegetarian Rant)

Published November 29, 2013 by Maryanne


Hi, this is me!

Do I look like I eat “nothing”? Last time I checked, I’m a far cry from Amy Winehouse or Kate Moss — so why do people assume I eat “nothing” or deprive myself when I share that I’m a vegetarian?

Of course telling people you didn’t have turkey on Thanksgiving Day opens up a whole can of worms. “What did you eat?” some may cry out in desperation as they secretly pity you. For choosing not to consume turkey (which I never liked anyway, including all other meats!) on Thanksgiving Day I’m viewed as some sort of freak.

Well, let me enlighten you — this freak loves to eat!

Since protein is an issue with most meat eaters, let me share some excellent sources of protein: rennet-less cheese, beans, quinoa, tofu, nuts/seeds (who doesn’t love peanut butter?) and veggie burgers. (Sorry other vegetarians, I hate tempeh!)

I also eat carbs. (Please don’t throw me on the gluten free band wagon —Ā  I love pasta and bread!) Health experts I most respect eat carbs and I refuse to feel guilty for doing so.

But what’s really super about being a vegetarian — and the BEST PART OF THANKSGIVING — it’s the SIDE DISHES! How can anyone refuse the following: chestnuts, potatoes, artichokes, salad, olives. And I made the most delicious green apple and butternut squash dish! And that’s just what was on my family’s table. Other delicious Thanksgiving delights include: turnips, cranberry sauce, yams, string beans, fresh fruit, brussel sprouts, corn … is your mouth watering yet? One year I made the most amazing raw ambrosia dish that contained: grated raw yams (which are so sweet they could be mistaken for carrots!), raisins, pineapples, shredded coconut, apples and grapes. YUM!

I don’t know about you but I think my menu trumps a plate of turkey any day. Oh well, maybe if you get the wishbone in your turkey leftovers you can wish for something really cool — like, say, a side dish of open-mindedness!

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