Annabella Lwin at 10th St. Live, Kenilworth, NJ

Published December 8, 2013 by Maryanne

SAM_2994Annabella Lwin (Photo by Dennis Mistretta)

It was such an honor to have Annabella Lwin perform!

I went with my husband Dennis, meeting our friends Paul and Mary Anne there. The show was fantastic! Very high energy. Spectacular band. We got right in the front too.

I only had one record of Bow Wow Wow back in the day, a single: “Work” b-side “C30, C60, C90 Go!” I should have had more! Every song she did last night was great. My favorites included: “C39, C60, C90, Go!”;  “Baby Oh No!”; “You Don’t Even Know Me”; “Golly! Golly! Go Buddy!” and “Do You Wanna Hold Me.” During one song, Annabella came to me and we danced together. That was so cool. She totally acknowledged all her fans and it was so sweet that a girl kept taking photographs and Annabella told her to put down the camera and just enjoy herself. Annabella touched the girl’s cheek gently and sincerely. It was super cool.

I’m on such a high from the show! Afterwards we got to meet Annabella, got photos and autographs. It was so nice, I asked the guitarist to get me the set list and he did.

I hope she comes back to New Jersey next year, it’s an act not to be missed!

SAM_2980Me, taking a breather outside before the show. It was packed and hot!

SAM_3008Annabella Lwin (photo by Dennis Mistretta)

SAM_3039Annabella Lwin and band

SAM_3049Getting Annabella’s autograph

SAM_3051I’m ecstatic!

SAM_3052Annabella and Dennis

SAM_3053Set List!

10 comments on “Annabella Lwin at 10th St. Live, Kenilworth, NJ

  • We came across your blog and pictures with Annabella Lwin and felt the same overwhelming excitement as you did. We actually went to her shows both Friday and Saturday since my husband and I have wanted to see her since the 80’s! Loved the whole show including hanging out with her and the band afterwards. Such nice people. Took pictures and also received an autographed song set list like yourself. Recognized you from your photos, we were standing close to you at the show. We hope too that she comes to New Jersey again soon. Maybe we will see you there. Anthony and Anita from NJ

    • Hi Anita! What a nice message. I’m so glad you enjoyed the show as much as we did and always nice meeting another music fan. It was truly one of my favorite nights of 2013. Cheers! 🙂

      • Thanks for the reply. We sent a message to Annabella on her facebook page, but being new to the whole facebook thing, not even sure if she received it and don’t know how to check for a reply! If in the future you hear of her coming to New Jersey or our area would you be able to shoot me a quick email so we don’t miss her show? Hey, I would include some pictures we took from the concerts, but I don’t even know how (we are not a little, but a lot, old school).

        Our next night we are considering getting out, is to see Richie Ramone either at 10th Street Live or back down to the Brighton Bar in Long Branch. Maybe we will bump into you there. Anthony and Anita

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