Lectures for Seniors

Published December 11, 2013 by Maryanne

Brandywine in WatchungBrandywine Senior Living in Watchung, New Jersey

For the past three months I’ve been giving lectures to seniors at senior homes and assisted living facilities.

Why I haven’t started doing this years ago is beyond me because this work is extremely rewarding!

As an award-winning writer who has been published world-wide since 1995 and a dabbler in spoken word and performance art, getting up and speaking in front of people lecturing on topics I’ve well researched is a piece of cake.

Some of the topics include: “Here’s to Your Health: Health Tips at No Cost!”; “Benefits of Walking,” “History of the Newspaper Industry,” “History of Santa Claus” and upcoming, “History of Valentine’s Day.”

What makes my lectures extra special is that I get the residents to participate. By the end of my lectures they feel they know me and don’t want me to leave. Every place I’ve lectured at so far went over very well, but I must say I’ve had three most memorable experiences over the past three months that I’d love to share:

1. At Mount Arlington Senior Living, in Mount Arlington, NJ, one of the female residents said to me, “You’re really making us like you!” I was blessed to be invited back a second time to lecture.

2. At Phoebe Terrace in Allentown, PA, when I lectured on “The History of Santa Claus” (my personal favorite lecture), afterwards one of the residents invited me up to her apartment to see her collection of Santa Claus statues!

3. Yesterday, I lectured on “History of the Newspaper Industry.” After the lecture a 102-year-old man approached me and shared that he was an entertainer back in the day and entertained troops in WWII, adding, “Nice to meet you, sweetheart!” It was absolutely adorable!

Sometimes the seniors don’t want me to leave and I do stay as long as I could, sometimes having tea with them. It’s such a blessing to be able to do this for a living, along with my many other creative endeavors.

If you’re an activities director at an assisted living facility and would like to book one of my lectures, please contact me at: maryannechristiano@gmail.com

In addition to the above mentioned lectures, I can research and write any topic you feel your residents would be interested in — at no additional cost.

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