Merry Christmas!

Published December 25, 2013 by Maryanne

SAM_3255Christmas Eve at Mom’s!

Wishing all fellow bloggers and followers a very Merry Christmas.

We had a most wonderful Christmas Eve! We were thrilled when my husband’s nephew Luke and his wife Tara dropped in! Luckily we caught them before heading out to my Mom’s, what a blessing!

SAM_3248Nephew Luke, Pop (my father-in-law) and niece Tara

We had such a night night at my Mom’s house with her, my sister Kim, my 12-year-old nephew Matthew and their friend Lee.

A great night filled with joy and lots of laughter, good food, reminiscing about old times and fun and games!

It was a super magical moment when the snow started to fall — nice big chunky snowflakes!

SAM_3274Sister Kim

As tradition, we like to go see the nativity scene, with live animals, but it was too cold in New Jersey as temperatures dropped below freezing.

SAM_3272Nephew Matthew

Merry Christmas to all!

Getting excited for the next shift of family, friends and merriment!

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