Beatles Party

Published February 10, 2014 by Maryanne

SAM_3641It’s The Beatles!

SAM_3638Mary Anne and Maryanne

SAM_3639Me and My Love

SAM_3643Mary Anne and Paul

My husband and I had a fabulous time visiting our friends Mary Anne and Paul in honor of the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles on Ed Sullivan.

Prior to the television special we watched a fantastic movie, “20 Feet From Stardom” a biography about back-up singers.

The Beatles special was excellent. It was great seeing Paul and Ringo sing their hits together and other stars such as Keith Urban, Stevie Wonder, Joe Walsh, Alicia Keyes, Jeff Lynn, Eurythmics, and Peter Frampton. (Though I could have done without Katy Perry doing “Yesterday.”)

I was too young to see The Beatles, but was lucky enough to once catch Ringo’s All Stars at Garden States Art Center (now PNC Bank Center) in NJ.

When I was just 13 and getting into music, I was told by a cool older cousin that the album to get was “The White Album.” He truly did not steer me wrong, as to this day that is my favorite album and it was so cool seeing The Fab Faux perform it last year.

There is so much to say about The Beatles and everyone has their stories of inspiration. Even as solo artists they all had amazing hits, not to mention the more obscure stuff you rarely hear on the radio.

I can not pick a favorite Beatle, but from what I’ve read about John, I’d have to say he seemed like a fun guy to hang out with. Over the years I met his two loves on separate occasions, Yoko Ono (who was nice) and May Pang (who was a total doll!)

I can write a list of favorite Beatles songs, but that would go on forever — and it changes as years go by.

God bless them for all the wonderful music they’ve provided us and some of the greatest love songs ever!

Thanks to Mary Anne and Paul for providing a most wonderful evening with great music, great food and great people.

9 comments on “Beatles Party

  • What a fun idea to have a party to watch this show! I agree with you about Katy Perry but if it leads her young fans to seek out Beatles music, then she served a purpose in being part of this show. It’s interesting that you mention May Pang since just yesterday I saw a brief interview with her. Can you tell me the circumstances of your meetings with her and Yoko Ono? Or should I read your book to find out? : ) By the way, Yoko really seemed to enjoy herself at the show. She was dancing and really getting into the music.

    • Hi, thanks so much for your comment! I met Yoko Ono — in the bathroom of all places, when she did the production “Rock Star” in NYC, about her husband’s life. (I had a girl friend who really loved Yoko and Yoko was sitting a few rows in front of us during the show.)

      As for May Pang, I was at a benefit in NYC and happened to spill wine on my dress. May Pang was a sweetie, she got club soda for me and helped clean it off. Later on she took a bunch of people (including me) to another party in her SUV. Great story, right?

  • What a fun party idea! My dad loves the Beatles, so I grew up with their music playing all the time. I watched Yellow Submarine over and over again when I was a little kid. I’m glad you were able to enjoy yourself πŸ™‚

  • Maryanne, love the T-shirt!!! Related to post above about T.C. Tolliver, did you know he was very briefly the original drummer in Angel? Coincidentally, T,C, and Barry Brandt had both been played drums in the Cherry People (Punky Meadows’ first recording band)..

    • Oh wow, I was wondering if anyone was gonna notice the Angel t-shirt! I didn’t know that Dave — thanks for the info. I’m a huge Angel fan and so is my husband (who was actually lucky enough to have seen them live). I know Cherry People music from You Tube. I’ll have to tell TC I’m an Angel fan. We just met on Face Book a few days ago, he reached out to me because of my book (he saw The Plasmatics on the cover). Thanks so much for letting me know πŸ™‚

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