Never a Dull Day

Published March 2, 2014 by Maryanne


“Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day …” says the Pink Floyd song.

What dull day?

There is never a dull day …

There’s a fun day, a crazy day, a busy day, an exciting day, an enchanting day, a fantastic day, a magical “I can’t wait to see what happens next day” …

There’s a snuggle with the hunny day, a happy kitty day, a no-bra day — yay, and an eat-all-u-want day.

There’s a day for writing, a day for being on the road, a day for promoting, a day to avoid jealous people, a day to shop, a day to love love love love love love everyday is a day to love.

Every day is a day of karma, a day of free things that come my way from paying it forward, a day to have dreams come true, a day to connect, a day for a clean slate, a day to discover, a day to catch up, a day to sit around drinking wine and talking on the phone, a day to express, a day to believe, a day to trust the universe, a day to make your own destiny, a day to pet a kitty, a day to see a cute chihuahua, a day to be old, a day to be young, a day to eat a durian which should be every day.

Play day. Pay day. Friendly day. Record Store Day. Lovely day. Beautiful day. Day light saving. Day dream. Day – oh, daylight come and me wanna go home. Day. He say day he say day he say day.

There’s a let me write a silly poem day. That’s today.

But no … no dull day. Never a dull day.

It’s a Maryanne day.  It’s a cute day.

Yay for today.


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