How to Fight Back in a Positive Way

Published March 13, 2014 by Maryanne


Some rules make no sense. People who are bullied, harassed and mistreated should be able to legally have their say without worrying about a libel suit. If you want people to say NICE things about you, then be a nice person. Simple as that. Yet life goes on and on and on and people get away with being assholes, disgraceful, starting trouble for others, pushing their weight around, etc.

Sometimes .. no oftentimes … I have my moments where I feel I do not believe in hell. But then people like this, I realize create their own hell. Being nasty, controlling and rotten to other people comes from a person who is unhappy, jealous and miserable and UGLY inside and out (because trust me, your face always turns into what you truly are no matter how young or old you are!)

It’s just unjust that they lash out on nice, happy people. But that will always be the case and I take comfort in the fact that I am in good company with so many positive people who are doing good things for this world, whether it be through acts of kindness or their creativity.

When I see all the positive people that get blind sided by hurt and become victims, one thing assholes can’t take away from us is that we can all stick together and stand up for each other. THAT is where the blessings come in, when you KNOW you have good people behind you. It makes it all A-OK! And then you can relax and be like, “Wow, my life is really good!” We all take care of each other.

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