Road Trip to North Carolina!

Published May 11, 2014 by Maryanne

SAM_4178Me and my husband, Dennis

My husband and I just returned from a road trip to Outer Banks, N.C. for his nephew’s wedding. We had a wonderful time! The wedding was beautiful, on a pier, we saw dolphins. Such a great time.

Here are some of the highlights (not including the actual wedding for respect/privacy).

SAM_4182Β Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel

Wiki the “Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel” — it took over 20 minutes to cross these extremely long bridges and two tunnels! Fun!

SAM_4230Outside the Kitty Hawk Hilton, where the wedding took place

When we arrived in N.C., we spent part of the day on the beach, then our pool and jacuzzi at the hotel. Then headed to the wedding, which took place on a pier. We saw dolphins! What a precious good omen!

SAM_4231My handsome husband!

SAM_4253Movie theatre at Grand Ritz ParadiseSAM_4260Grande Ritz Paradise

SAM_4261Dirty Dick’s Crab House

Dirty Dick’s Crab House was fantastic! The service was excellent (as so much of the service in NC was!) so was the food and coffee. And as a bonus, they played new wave music while we were there!

SAM_4267Dream house in Corolla area, N.C.

Dennis and I took a drive out to Corolla were wild horses run the beach! The tours were all booked up, but now we have a great excuse to return to North Carolina. We both loved it so much, especially the southern hospitality.

On the trip home, we stopped at a roadside gift shop to gas up. The owner of the shop said, “You all come back!” I actually got teary eyed because that was such a nice thing to hear. (People don’t say that in New Jersey!)

And as much as my husband love being on the road together, the best part is always coming home. Especially to our kitty, Derick, who missed us so much! To hell to all the people who say dogs love more than cats. Our little baby missed us so much, he gave us HELL when we got in. He was so scared and snuggled so close to me. Animals are the BEST!

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