Love Cats (Fiction, Chapter 1)

Published May 14, 2014 by Maryanne

love cats

Hello all! I’m finally ready to share the first chapter of my upcoming book, “Love Cats.” It’s my first shot at fiction!  Hope some of you like it, at least. It’s a love story that takes place in the 1980s. Perfect for music lovers and cat lovers.

June 1986


Janey Peyton always slept in the nude. And there she was lying naked on her bed in a dreamlike state. Sore from a night of great sex; that good sore, the kind of sore that makes you remember how sweet the night before was. She ran her fingers through her soft pubic hair, making herself tingle all over, as she thought of him.

She was just 23, but times were different in the suburbs of New Jersey in the 1980s. Approaching 25 meant not a spring chicken back in those days. And now Janey felt she connected with the one person she might fall madly in love with.

His name was Beck Stewart. And Janey thought he was beautiful, sweet, ultra cool and smart. When she started chatting him up at Xena – a local new wave club — her biggest fear was that she was coming on too strong. In order to get Beck to feel more comfortable around her, Janey made extra effort focusing on him, asking questions like what his dreams and goals were , what kind of music he liked, and what he liked to read.

Beck and Janey weren’t strangers. Three-years-ago her best friend Valerie was going out with him. Janey was crushing really bad, but kept it cool. She was a loyal friend – not a boyfriend stealer. Though she always believed it took two to tango and technically no one can really be stolen! But she was good and kept her feelings to herself.

Valerie’s relationship with Beck was brief – because Valerie simply blew it. She was getting over a relationship with someone else, a guy named Randy, and she kept bringing up his name in Beck’s presence.

Irked, Beck sensed Valerie wasn’t over the other guy and told her she needed to get her act together. Well, you live and learn, and Valerie definitely regretted that she blew her chance with Beck. And she did an instant switch from talking about Randy all the time to talking about Beck all the time — until she met David. And that seemed to be going good, so when Janey saw Beck at Xena she figured he was fair game.

Valerie and Janey were friends a long time because Janey felt that Valerie was the only person she knew who gets it. Other girls in their small town had their small minds set on two things – money and marriage. No matter how old or gross the guys were, the girls just loved to flash those big ’ole rocks once they snagged a guy and got engaged.

“Better you than me,” Janey would mumble under her breath.

Janey and Valerie were looking for a little bit more in their lives. They wanted depth and good looks. They wanted to talk music, philosophy and art; something the girls learned about on their own because neither went to college. Valerie’s family couldn’t afford it and Janey didn’t have to because she came from wealth. The well never ran dry in the Peyton household and Janey was pretty much on easy street, though money was all her parents gave her, as they worked and traveled a lot, so Janey rarely had time with them and when she did, they seemed almost like strangers.

In spite of her riches and being a tad self-centered, Janey was incredibly down-to-earth and true to the scene of her generation dressed in ripped punk rock clothing or dark wave couture.

The Peytons had an Italian housekeeper, Lucia, who cleaned and cooked too. Lucia practically raised Janey and Janey adored her, although Lucia sometimes got on her nerves. Since Janey turned 18, Lucia was fixated on giving advice on men and marriage (even though Lucia was 57 and never married!)

Janey was adamant about marrying someone she really loved, not just settling because someone was “a good guy” on paper. So Lucia’s exasperating advice drove her batty. Still, she loved the lady, who was more like a mother to her than her own mother. Her parents didn’t pay much mind to what she did, and they were always traveling for both business and pleasure. Sometimes Janey would accompany them, but more often than not left behind. She was a bit lazy because she could afford to be, and lived like a rock star, club bound at night and sleeping all day.

Valerie, on the other hand, started working as an office clerk right after high school and eventually got promoted to accounts receivables – where she met David. The fact that Valerie was now hooked up pretty much left Janey alone – without a best friend.

In the beginning of the love affair, Valerie called Janey all the time to gush over how great David was. He was smart, good looking, cultured and knew how to treat her.

I hope she doesn’t blow this one, Janey thought to herself. But so far, so good; it seemed to be working out for them.

Then Valerie stopped returning Janey’s phone calls, just like that. When Janey ran into the happy couple, by accident, at 7-Eleven, she thought, David’s a really a cool guy.

Valerie and David were arm-in-arm and all over each other. Janey secretly wanted to hate David, for taking away her best friend. But she couldn’t hate him, he was so nice. It was obvious the couple were serious about each other.

Going to clubs alone was awkward for Janey, but that’s how she met Beck! Maybe now she could double with Valerie and David? Janey couldn’t wait to share her good news with Valerie!

So here’s how it all happened …

It was Janey’s first time going to Xena alone, but it wasn’t so bad. Janey’s been going there for a long time — she was still under-age. Everyone knows her at Xena and it’s comfortable. The cover charge is five bucks but since she’s a regular, she gets in free – though it’s not like she doesn’t have the money!

Xena is an average sized nightclub, packing about 300 people night, with two bars, a DJ and a dance floor. Janey was dancing to Berlin’s “The Metro” when out of the corner of her eye she spotted Beck sitting alone drinking. In a heartbeat, Janey stopped dancing and walked right up to him, grabbed his bottle of beer and took a healthy swig.

She shocked the shit out of him. At first he didn’t realize who she was. Or was he playing dumb?

“Janey! You remember – Valerie’s friend!”

Beck laughed, nervously.

Oh God, let this not be a mistake … me mentioning her! Janey thought.

During the awkward moment of silence the sexual vibes were electrifying. Beck was tall with just the right amount of meat on him, thin, but not too thin. He had long, shaggy brown hair and dark brown eyes – just gorgeous. And it was obvious he was digging Janey too. An effortless beauty, with fair skin and a turned up nose, thin with ample, natural breasts and long auburn hair pulled back in a high ponytail. Her dark eyes peered beneath her long bangs.

Beck broke the ice first. “Can I get you a beer? Or are you gonna gulp from mine all night?”

“Yes, please!” she said, confidently.

Beck got up, dressed all in black, including a black Sisters of Mercy t-shirt with green lettering and sporting black Doc Martens. Age 28, five-years-older than Janey, he knew how to court a girl. He seemed to really liked her, acting protective if guys gave her the eye, buying her beer (and not understanding how a skinny girl could drink so much) getting up to hold her chair for her whenever she came back from the dance floor or the ladies room.

Janey was falling fast. Time flew by and before they knew it, the bartender shouted, “Last call!”

Fifteen minutes later lights started flickering on. Beck and Janey decided to take their party of two elsewhere.

Janey’s prized Fiat X19 followed Beck’s old Jeep back to his place. And she was oh so careful driving. The last thing she wanted was to get stopped by a cop (even though she talked her way out of getting a ticket whenever she’s been stopped in the past). Can’t take any more chances … Can’t wreck another car Daddy got me. I’m already on my second new one. Or is this my third? I forgot.

Beck works for a cable company and lives in a one bedroom apartment that Janey found “amazing” because it reminded her of a nightclub, with each small room painted in deep sensual colors like rose, black and burgundy. Beck’s eclectic music taste was evident in posters he had framed and hung around the place, along with red and black velvet drapes. His library of books was arranged by topic in alphabetical order: philosphy ( Gurdjieff and Ouspensky); poetry (Bukowski and Rimbauld) and so on. And everything was spotless, which made her wonder if there was a chick in the picture.

So the first time Beck went to the bathroom, Janey took it upon herself to snoop around and see if there was any evidence of a girlfriend. You never know, she thought.

And what Janey found was — nothing. No scent of a woman to be found, only one toothbrush in the bathroom. Good, good, very good, thought Janey. This one could be a keeper.

All was when until she spotted a jet black cat with emerald green eyes staring at her. Not good. Janey hated cats. She quickly flung her hands at the creature and it swiftly scattered away.

Beck came out of the bathroom. “I missed you,” Janey said shamelessly, without one ounce of guilt for chasing his cat away. She smirked and cocked her head, trying – a little too hard – to look cute.

He said nothing, just smiled back. So Janey took charge of the conversation and they ended up talking for hours and soon the sun was rising. Then it dawned on her. Though she loved talking to him, and they had so much to talk about, she didn’t want to be in that “friend zone” or “sister-like” purgatory. So Janey took the initiative by putting one hand on his leg and an arm around his neck as she leaned in and kissed him, really hard with her mouth still shut.

Of course he kissed her back and then paused a moment to stare at her, nose-to-nose.

“More,” she said softly, pulling him close to kiss again. This time Beck kissed her back, tenderly parting his lips as he delicately touched his tongue to hers. As their kisses grew more passionate, Janey moved in closer to him and for the first time Beck felt her large breasts as she pressed them against his chest.

When Beck finally came up for air, he said, “Uh … how ’bout we go to the bedroom?” then politely added, “The way the sun hits in the morning; it’s too bright.”

“Oh, is it morning? I hadn’t noticed,” she said and smiled. Then added, “Okay, I’ll come into your bedroom, only if you promise to call me later today.”

“Of course,” he said and took her hand, leading her toward the bedroom. The two walked slowly, soaking in all the sweetness of the first time anticipation.

Janey spotted a guitar in a corner. “Valerie never told me you played guitar!” she said excitedly.

“I just fool around, write some songs for myself. I don’t have ambitions of getting in a band or becoming a rock star or anything,” Beck said.

“Wow, this room is really huge,” Janey said, looking around. “And so is your record collection!”

“Yeah, let me put some tunes on,” Beck said, flipping through a few in the front of the alphabetized massive collection of over 1000. He threw on Bauhaus and turned to find Janey posing on the bed, seductively. While his back was turned she took her hair out of the ponytail. Her long auburn locks fell straight over her shoulders.

Beck noticed that his night table drawer was ajar and his box of unopened condoms was lying out on top of the table. He was disappointed that she was snooping but instead he simply said, “I see you found the condoms.”

Her face flushed with embarrassment. “Yeah, I snooped. I’m a bad girl.”

Beck smiled and crawled up on the bed beside her. And just then, the cat returned and jumped on the bed. “Meow.”

“Morticia!” Beck said as he picked up his pride and joy, a cat he had since she was a kitten, given to him as a present from his mom when he was a teen, still living at home and was recovering from a high school sports injury.“Did you meet Morticia yet, Janey?”

“I saw her before. Cute,” Janey said, not fazed.

The cat purred as Beck held her in his arms and snuggled her close to his face. Janey rolled her eyes, bored. Beck caught her rolling her eyes. Disappointed, he got up and walked out of the bedroom holding Morticia in his arms. He put her down and this time shut the door behind him. Janey smiled seductively, batted her eyes and extended her hand to him.

Morticia, left on the other side, let out a sad sounding “mew.” She was soon forgotten, as Beck and Janey couldn’t rip each others’ clothing off fast enough. When they were both naked, they paused to get a good look at each other, sitting cross-legged, face to face, soaking in each other’s beauty.

“You’re so good looking,” Janey whispered, grabbing his erect dick with her right hand and throwing her left hand around his neck.

“So are you,” Beck said, as he eyed her nakedness for the first time. He reached over to the night stand to get a condom. She watched as he pulled it over his perfect cock. Her heart was pounding.

“Relax,” he said.

She lay back, took his cock and helped him enter her.

“Masque” by Bauhaus played in the background as the couple exquisitely became one. Janey was so ecstatic she felt the room spinning. As she climaxed she let out a loud moan and then whispered, “That felt so good.”

Beck continued fucking her until he was about to cum. He pulled out, quickly pulled his condom off and came all over Janey’s flat belly. “That was awesome!” he said so loud, he feared the neighbors may have heard him. He reached over to the night table to get some tissues and tenderly wiped his mess off her stomach.

“Thanks,” she said, jokingly.

He tossed the tissues at the side of the bed, and then said, “Come here,” motioning Janey to a safe spot in his arm.

They cuddled and fell asleep, but Janey couldn’t stay asleep; she was too excited about this perfect potential new boyfriend. She giggled to herself as she watched Beck sleeping with a smile on his face. She thought he was awake because she never saw a guy do that before. “What are you thinking about?” she asked. When he didn’t answer, she realized he really was sleeping. She smiled to herself and thought, Yeah, alright! Maybe he’s dreaming of me?

Janey dressed quietly and left her phone number on Beck’s night stand, next to the box of condoms. Before leaving she kissed him lightly on the head, and breathed in deeply to take in the glorious smell of his fresh, clean hair that even a smoke-filled bar room couldn’t seem to taint. Oh yeah, he is perfect!

Later that afternoon Janey was finally just starting to doze off in her own bed when Beck called.

“Love Cats” Copyright 2014, Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta


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