RIP, to My Homeroom Teacher

Published May 23, 2014 by Maryanne


This morning I received an email from my high school homeroom teacher’s daughter. He passed suddenly. (Funeral services are after the holiday). I reconnected with Michael when I was writing “On the Guest List” because I wanted to mention him in the book — as he was a very cool teacher and I once saw him at a Plasmatics show. He gave me his blessing to write about him, but to only use his first name. In my teenage years I thought it was the most amazing thing to see a teacher at a concert because you know how it is when you’re a teenager — even if someone is only a few years older than you, you think they’re old and not hip to cool things. So seeing him at the concert made my night; it was a bonding experience I’ll never forgot — a teacher liked the same music I did!

We sent several emails back and forth and I’m happy he purchased my book and knew how fond I was of him before his passing. His daughter reached out to me a few times. I inspired her to become a music journalist — she is now writing for The Aquarian Arts Weekly.

Michael said we were going to have lunch once his health got better. Sadly that never happened.

RIP to a super cool guy, I was honored to know. Of all the teachers in my high school, he was THE BEST and I’ll never forget him.

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