Vegan Toona

Published June 13, 2014 by Maryanne

vegan toona

I’m excited that I just discovered another healthy product!

With nine grams of pea protein per serving and all natural clean ingredients, you can’t beat delicious product.

But the thing that bothers me about this and other vegan products is that they deceiving name a product after a meat or fish product that it tastes nothing like. This product is the furthest thing from tasting like tuna, so don’t expect it to taste like tuna or even look like tuna! (In fact, so far removed from tuna it won’t even tempt your cat!)

It looks kind of gross — like cat food, so don’t be shocked like I was when I opened the can!

If you can get past the looks of it, it tastes amazing! It has a barbecue, smoky kinda taste, perhaps due to the sea salt and konjac pepper, reminding one more of a Slim Jim than tuna fish. It’s also a little heavy on the salt and you can’t possibly eat it all in one sitting.

Even though it doesn’t taste like tuna, it can be prepared as a “tuna” salad. I mixed Vegenaise and chopped celery in mine.

Bon appetite!

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