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Vegan Toona

Published June 13, 2014 by Maryanne

vegan toona

I’m excited that I just discovered another healthy product!

With nine grams of pea protein per serving and all natural clean ingredients, you can’t beat delicious product.

But the thing that bothers me about this and other vegan products is that they deceiving name a product after a meat or fish product that it tastes nothing like. This product is the furthest thing from tasting like tuna, so don’t expect it to taste like tuna or even look like tuna! (In fact, so far removed from tuna it won’t even tempt your cat!)

It looks kind of gross — like cat food, so don’t be shocked like I was when I opened the can!

If you can get past the looks of it, it tastes amazing! It has a barbecue, smoky kinda taste, perhaps due to the sea salt and konjac pepper, reminding one more of a Slim Jim than tuna fish. It’s also a little heavy on the salt and you can’t possibly eat it all in one sitting.

Even though it doesn’t taste like tuna, it can be prepared as a “tuna” salad. I mixed Vegenaise and chopped celery in mine.

Bon appetite!

Father & Daughter Reunited After 20 Years!

Published June 9, 2014 by Maryanne


Well, here’s an inspiring, heart-warming story for all of you — and it’s WordPress related!

I played a role in, helping a father (my friend Bob Farina, former marine and Plasmatics roadie) reconnect with his daughter, Cheyenne!

Last September I shared an excerpt from my book “On the Guest List: Adventures of a Music Journalist” (before it was published) on WordPress. It was about “Over the Rainbow” a very unique health food store in Montclair owned by Bob Farina.

His daughter Cheyenne contacted me on that blog, asking if I could help her look for her dad. Cheyenne was living in North Carolina. Here’s the original blog, with her comments in the comment section:

I was rummaging through an old box because I knew I had Bob’s number somewhere. I finally found a number, but it was disconnected. So I figured, as a last resort, I’d write a letter to the editor of The Montclair Times to see if anyone knew of his whereabouts. The day that it was published, I got a call THAT NIGHT from a Montclair resident who knew Bob personally. She gave me his number, I called him and he called Cheyenne that very night!

You can read the full story here:

Get your tissues out, you will definitely get teary eyed!


S.C. Miotto Release Party “Diamond Love”

Published June 8, 2014 by Maryanne

SAM_4810S.C. Miotto and daughter Leah, and Me

Today was the release of “Diamond Love” by S.C. Miotto, available on Amazon:

It was an honor and pleasure to work closely with Stefanie Claire again, editing her second book.

The party was held today at Whiskey Cafe in Lyndhurst, New Jersey — with vendors indoors and a giant antique flea market outdoors.

I had so much fun being a vendor there, selling my book, “On the Guest List: Adventures of a Music Journalist” and making new contacts for other possible book editing projects.

SAM_4811Let’s go!

SAM_4807My husband Dennis scored an old copy of Creepy!

Dennis found some great finds outside — a copy of Creepy, a Peter Max chalk board, and other goodies!

SAM_4804With Wendy Basile (seated) of DecoTrash and Cherie Hums

Great getting to meet Wendy and seeing Cherie again. I’m a fan of DecoTrash — I’m now the proud owner of three cuffs! And plan on getting more! Check out the goodies here:

SAM_4818I love this little fox statuette Dennis found for me.

SAM_4821Enjoying great conversation with Joy


On the Guest List can be purchased on Amazon:

SAM_4827I love it!


Published June 1, 2014 by Maryanne


So psyched to go to a party, hosted by our good friends Paul and Mary Anne.

SAM_4697Relaxing with my hunny, reading retro rock magazines.

(Our host Paul Reitz used to write for this one!)

SAM_4699Pretty ladies Deniz and Mary Anne relaxing

SAM_4705Two Maryannes — Mary Anne and Maryanne

SAM_4718A great bunch of guys!

SAM_4721Paul and my husband, Dennis

It was excellent ending the week at a party at Paul and Mair’s home. We had delicious snacks and great music. We watched the rerun of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame. I agreed with all the inductees this time: Peter Gabriel, Linda Ronstadt, Nirvana, Cat Stevens.

Also watched some of “Nomi Song,” about the life of Klaus Nomi.

So much fun, but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!