The Characters Perform Brady Bunch Convention

Published August 17, 2014 by Maryanne

SAM_5642You know who this guy is!

I was thrilled when my husband’s friend Danny Solazzi invited us as his guest to see The Characters perform at the Brady Bunch convention at The Hilton in East Rutherford, NJ.

From the first time I saw The Characters many years ago, I was hooked. Danny is the best front man — full of life and has an incredible voice. And as a cover band, they choose the best songs, songs you just won’t hear other bands doing. Though you should check out originals by The Characters too on their CDs, as they are just an all around top notch act!

Over the years my husband Dennis and I saw The Characters many times. Dennis also filled in as a bassist a few times. We always had so much fun.

Last night we got to the convention early and Barry Williams was doing a Brady Bunch tribute commentary. He sung “Days of Our Lives” (by Queen) while showing home videos of The Brady Bunch on location over the years.

When The Characters hit the stage, Barry Williams hung out a bit, getting into the tunes from the side of the stage.


The set list was massive. Many 1960s and 1970s pop hits were squeezed into a two-hour set: “Photograph” (Ringo Star), “Not Unusual” by Tom Jones, “Banana Splits Theme Song,” “I Think I Love You” (Partridge Family), “Knock Three Times” (Tony Orlando & Dawn), and “More Today Than Yesterday,” to name a few.

Mid-way to the show, The Characters did a few Monkees songs and Emily Dolenz, daughter of Monkees legend, Mickey, joined Danny onstage and sang and danced with him; and then got teary eyed during “Daydream Believer” as many in the audience also did, including myself.

SAM_5699Danny Solazzi & Emily Dolenz

Emily Dolenz was the life of the party, danced to almost every song and danced with everyone, including me! She was smiling non-stop and posing for pictures with fans. A lovely, beautiful young lady!

SAM_5688Me and Emily Dolenz

SAM_5678In the moment! Everyone loves The Characters!

SAM_5721Danny & Emily chatting after the show. Her dad performed on a Characters CD.

SAM_5722Great friends, Danny & Dennis

This was definitely a fun night to remember. High energy all around. Everyone was dancing, non-stop. People were friendly. It was just a good energy evening. After the show it was fun hanging out with Danny and other band members, including Danny Roselle (keyboards) of Waking Heroes. I’ll make a mental note to see The Characters again real soon. It’s just been too long!

As my husband and I were walking out, we spotted Susan Olsen (who played Cindy Brady) lounging in the bar with friends.

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