Love Cats Cover Reveal!

Published November 6, 2014 by Maryanne

Love Cats cover!Cover photo and design by Darlene Foster

It was a thrill working with Darlene Foster ( again and I’m ecstatic by her vision of my upcoming book “Love Cats.”

“Love Cats” will be my second published book and my first shot at fiction.

It’s the story of Beck Stewart and Janey Peyton. “Love Cats” takes place in the 1980s. Bands like The Cure and Joy Division are the soundtrack as the couple dance the nights away at their favorite New Jersey dark wave clubs Xena and Dusk.

Beck is working class. Well, make that very hard working! And Janey is a spoiled rich girl with too much time on her hands. Not knowing what to make of all the overtime Beck puts in, Janey misunderstands the situation and assumes he’s ignoring her. But all Beck is really trying to do is make a better life for himself — and Janey, if there is a future with her. Even though Beck sees potential, it’s hard to ignore that Janey is selfish and difficult. Plus she hates his beloved cat, Morticia. Will jealousy and insecurities tear the couple apart? And what happens when a kitten mysteriously shows up on cat hater Janey’s doorstep? Find out in this funny, fast-moving, erotic and sometimes dark novel.

Copyright, 2014.

Release Date: February 2015.

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