Happy Birthday Rick Nielsen!

Published December 22, 2014 by Maryanne

Cheap_Trick_at_Gulfstream_Park_-_Rick_NielsenRick Nielsen (photo swiped from Google)

Happy Birthday to Rick Nielsen! I have a cute Rick Nielsen story, that I mention in “Guest List.” In the mid-1990s, when rubber dresses were very popular for women. I had a purple one, similar to the one  Heather Locklear wore on a Details magazine cover, which I wore to a Cheap Trick concert. Ladies know those dresses do amazing things for your figure. They push you in and lift you up — in all the right places! Amazing!

I was right in the front and all night Rick was trying to throw a guitar pick into my cleavage. Finally he succeeded! I still have that pick!

And while many girls go ga-ga for Robin Zander, I think Rick is the hottest of the bunch! When I saw him, he had a long goatee, braided, with a small price-tag on it. You just can’t beat that kinda cool!

Here’s Rick with Foo Fighters!

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4 comments on “Happy Birthday Rick Nielsen!

  • I remember Cheap Trick having a concert in Alexandria, Louisiana a city of about 50,000 in their early years. I didn’t go to the concert, but think of how far they have come, from the early days, when they would sing in front of smaller crowds. I don’t think the arena held more than 8,000 fans.

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