Stubborn Intellectual

Published March 3, 2015 by Maryanne

maryanne-1211Looking smart in my glasses

People have called me “too sensitive” more times than I care for. But my general make-up goes beyond sensitivity. “Smart” plays into the factor too. This is the first time I’m admitting this in public, but I truly feel if I wasn’t as smart, I wouldn’t be so sensitive.

I took this test on Face Book where they analyze your personality according to things you “hate” (the choices aren’t anything intense, just minor nit-picky things such as ironing). Turns out I’m actually a “stubborn intellectual” which makes a lot more sense than just being stereo-typed as “too sensitive.”

Here are my test results:

When you express hatred, it comes from a place of intellectual frustration and the belief that the world should make sense. There is nothing worse than people and things that waste your time and rational energy.

You are remarkably smart, but more than that, you are adept at analyzing and understanding situations and people. More than anything, you are concerned with understanding the world around you and grasping its ideas and functions. You should continue making thoughtful choices and the world will follow your lead!

It’s true I want the world to make sense more than anything! I don’t like when people waste my time. I want life to run smoothly. Some may ask, “who wouldn’t?” but many people do thrive on drama and disorganization. It’s the American way.

It’s also so true that I am adept at analyzing and understanding situations and people — to a fault almost where it backfires on me. I can see right through people who are jealous and I have a keen sixth sense when someone is not on my team. So that always makes me the person who can say, “I told you so.” But most likely I won’t, because, well, I’m sensitive and don’t want to hurt people’s feelings. Then on the other hand, I hurt more deeply because I always “just know.” It’s a very intense feeling to pick up on people’s vibes like that. Though on the flip side of the coin, I know when I’m loved too.

I don’t like the word “stubborn” as I do feel I’m very flexible. But I guess I admit I’m stubborn about the most important things in life. My standards are very high and I like to be around the same kind of people.

If you’d like to take the test, visit here:

And let me know if you’re a “stubborn intellectual” too!

11 comments on “Stubborn Intellectual

  • Your perception of people protect you against investing in Ponzi schemes, since you would see right through their lies and not follow them blindly, because you are much too intelligent, to fall for their scams.

      • I have been watching American Greed a lot and can’t see you buying the lies those Ponzi schemers are selling. Don’t understand why investors would turn over their life savings, to these crooks, who don’t invest the money in anything, except their extravagant lifestyle.

      • That’s heartbreaking. Years ago I took a shot in sales, at a certain electronics company. The salesman there were so crooked they were making a mint off of gullible people. I quit after seeing a salesman sell a computer product to an elderly person who didn’t know what it was used for. I could never live with myself if I was that way.

      • I saw an American Greed show today, about two guys, that were supposed to repair houses for elderly people, but only took their money and they had a slogan of one nail and no jail. One lady who was dying signed her house away, without knowing it making the scammers the owners of her house. They don’t want to deal with you, because you would see through their schemes and know they were crooks of the worst kind.

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