My Favorite Girlfriend, Diane!

Published April 30, 2015 by Maryanne

SAM_1779I love this chick! (Me, left; Diane, right)

On National Honesty Day, I’m thinking to myself, what better day than to praise a good friend — honestly, straight from the heart!

It’s really been way too long since I last wrote a tribute to Diane, so for a little background on how we met, etc., you can check out my blog from 2013:

When I count my blessings in life, Diane is one of the people right on the top of my list and here is why:

1. She really is a FRIEND. When I think of the one person I can count on, if I’m sad or upset and can’t sleep, I know, in my heart I can call Diane and she’ll get right on the phone. While other people might be secretly “happy” that a positive person like myself is upset (as it would give them an opportunity to one-up me, or pity me) Diane will give that comfort and sincerity like no other person can. When I’m in pain, she’ll feel it and offer compassion and common sense. Luckily it’s not too often I have to cry to a friend, but when I cry to Diane, I can do so freely, without shame or embarrassment. And I LOVE her for that!

2. Diane is joyful. Diane, like myself, is a joyful person. She’s so cute in that she gets excited over the little things in life (and the big things too!) We can be so silly together and at the same time serious and deep. She’s the most fun girlfriend to be around — she’s one in a million!

3. She likes my other friends. Anyone I introduce Diane too, she absolutely adores. I’ve had some friends be jealous of each other, but not Diane. She’s a little love bug and it’s so cool to know I can mix her with anyone and the result will be nothing but a good time.

4. She picked a great husband. This is a very important quality. It shows she has great judgement. Her husband Mike is a great guy and I feel equally comfortable around him as I do around her. Mike gets along great with my husband and we can all enjoy going out together.

5. We’re genuinely excited about each others lives. Diane is happily retired. I am happily self-employed. Diane is the one person I can share my life with who isn’t competitive with me and really happy for me when I succeed. It’s so comfortable having a person that you don’t have to downplay your happiness around. Where other people may be jealous, Diane is the one who is REALLY happy for you! As I am for her! Calling Diane and hearing the peace and calm in her voice makes me giddy like a little girl. I love hearing about her days gardening and the pickles she makes. That is just SO COOL! I’ve known Diane for a long time. She does a lot for others, so no one deserves peace and happiness like she does. My heart actually pumps a little harder when I’m around her — because I love her so much!

6. BEST OF ALL. It’s rare Diane and I have a fight, but when we do we talk it out like human beings and then it’s DONE. There is no tension, no little “digs” (like girls are so famous for giving), no avoiding … we just clear the air and move on. This is why we’ve been friends non-stop since 1994 — because we are HONEST with each other.

7. We both love God. Like myself, Diane is strong in her faith. We can speak freely about the wonders of what God does in our lives.

8. MUSIC. Diane and I can always talk music. I’ve seen more live music with Diane than any other girlfriend. From D-Generation in the 1990s to outdoor oldies shows, we’ve seen it all — together. From just us in the 1990s to sharing moments with our hubbies — we have some helluva soundtrack to accompany our friendship. Out of all our legendary music moments, one of my favorites was a night we were out having a good time and “Bohemian Rhapsody” came on the radio. This was around the time of “Wayne’s World” and we just went with it, singing along at the top of our lungs. You just can’t plan magical moments like that!

9. We’re just FUN GIRLS! Diane and I have done everything you can imagine, from dancing with transvestites at Don Hills to getting lost in NYC while the gas tank was on “E.” And no matter what kind of “trouble” we got into, we always laughed about it.

10. Diane is a cat person. I’ll never forget, when I was still single, I had to leave my grandmother’s old rent control apartment. It was so hard finding a new apartment that allowed pets. I finally found a place that allowed “one.” I had two cats. Diane was willing to take care of one for me. But thanks to my genius Mom, she said, “Just sneak the two in, Billy always hides anyway, no one will know.” She was right, no one was the wiser and I was able to keep both beautiful cats. (Billy died two years ago at the age of 19 and Derick is still alive, now also 19). I will never forget Diane’s kindness in wanting to help during a very trying time in my life. And then, when I moved from that apartment into my husband’s home, Diane was the person who had an extra cat carrier for me, so my babies had a safe 25 minute trip.

Diane, I love you more than you’ll ever know!

You are one of God’s greatest blessings in my life!

maryanne-and-dianeWe’re having a ball!

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