In Good Health, Bottoms Up!

Published May 15, 2015 by Maryanne

CiderAce Hard Apple Cider = only 8 grams of sugar per bottle!

Many health conscious people don’t drink at all. But face it, some of us do. Life is short and I love to drink. No harm in that when you do it smart.

I haven’t had what I call “foo-foo” drinks since my 20s (in the 1980s/1990s). What are “foo-foo” drinks? Cocktails such as Apple Cream Pop Martinis or Sex By the Fireplace. You know, drinks with lots of sugar and syrup that go down easy. Maybe served with a cute little umbrella in the glass or a bright red Maraschino cherry?

No, ma’am, when it comes to alcoholic beverages, I’m a purist. When I drink, I pick one of the following: Skye or Absolute Vodka; organic red wine; unfiltered sake; or hard cider.

Here’s why.

Technically, if you get a good brand of vodka, in the paleo world, that is probably one of the best things to drink because it’s carb and sugar free. Here’s a great article I found that says there are health benefits to drinking vodka:

As for wine, red is vastly superior. I know many women drink white, thinking it’s less calories, but #1, it’s only three calories less than red on the average; #2, calories don’t count anyway (that’s old school thinking, those who know go by the merit of the food and you stay fit naturally); red has a ton of health benefits that wine doesn’t including preventing macular degeneration in the eyes!

Unfiltered sake also has many health benefits and it’s absolutely delicious. It’s unprocessed, so you’re getting a pure product. Drink it cold! Once you drink cold sake, you’ll never go back to hot, trust me on that one. It’s naturally creamy taste is to die for. Here’s a great article about the benefits of sake:

Now hard cider is something I loved since my late 20s. I used to work part-time in a liquor store and I saw customers buying Woodchuck Cider quite often. I was curious and I got hooked. I stopped drinking it for many years not really knowing the health merit of it. Then when I found out it was naturally gluten free I started drinking it again and bringing six packs to parties. That is until a party guest pointed out how much sugar is in hard cider. This was before sugar grams were on liquor labels. I took his word and immediately stopped drinking it.

It wasn’t until recently that alcoholic beverages put nutritional information on their labels. But now, even though they can get away with not putting ingredients on the labels (which is why I never tried chocolate wine yet!) some companies do put the basics, such as calories, sugar content and carbs.

About a week ago I was in Fairway drooling over the six packs of hard cider like some women drool over chocolate. A worker asked me if I needed help.

I dreamily replied, “I wish hard cider didn’t have so much sugar in it.”

Then to my surprise, the worker said, “We have a brand that has only ten grams per bottle!” It was a brand called “Pure Cider.” He was right, just 10 grams! I brought the four-pack and enjoyed it. Not the whole pack in one sitting. I like one bottle per night, if that.

I thought Pure Cider was something special and rare. Then last night I was in a real liquor store, checking out the ciders. And again, to my surprise, I found four ciders that had LESS THAN 10 GRAMS OF SUGAR!

These four have only seven or eight grams of sugar!

1. Ace Cider

2. Original Sin

3. Harpoon

4. Demuncks

It just strikes me as bizarre that ciders have anywhere between seven and 48 grams of sugar! What does that tell you — READ LABELS! But, again, while it’s the law that food products have a nutritional label stating ingredients, it’s not the law for alcoholic beverages. VEGANS BEWARE! Many alcoholic beverages are processed through a bone-char filter. Some wines, both red and white, contain fish gills.

According to PETA, popular animal-derived fining agents used in the production of wine include blood and bone marrow, casein (milk protein), chitin (fiber from crustacean shells), egg albumen (derived from egg whites), fish oil, gelatin (protein from boiling animal parts), and isinglass (gelatin from fish bladder membranes).

(NOTE: I type this info with a HUGE SMILE on my face, because I’ve been trashed by vegans for eating paleo, yet these very same pseudo vegans won’t give up their non-vegan alcohol! Don’t you love how “vegans” make it up as they go along?)

Anyway, after all that, enjoy your healthy drinking — in moderation, of course! And in conclusion, I’d also like to note that of all my choices I NEVER get a headache or hangover.

What do you think?

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