Natural Product Rave: SinuOrega Nasal Spray

Published May 17, 2015 by Maryanne

oregaI think I’m in love!

Aw, man, allergy season is the worst!

While some people’s allergies give them eyes that won’t stop watering, I’m the opposite — mine won’t water enough. I have a blocked tear duct and the allergy settles in my right eye and just looks gross: blood red in one spot.

Now, mind you, not only was my eye red, I had an ear infection, my nose was clogged up and I was struggling with migraines for two days.

Friday, I started using SinuOrega by P73 and my eye got a little bit clearer. Saturday morning I woke up and the eye was more clear but not 100 percent yet. But my ear still hurt and the migraine came back again. Saturday morning I had to work. I was hired as an extra for a commercial and would not cancel at the last minute. I professionally did the job with a big smile on my face (what a blessing to work with such nice people) then when I got home early afternoon, I did something I rarely do — I took a nap!

I prepared a little “home spa” for myself. I surrounded myself with Young Living “Peace and Calming” oil to help me rest. (And dabbed a bit on my cat’s head so he wouldn’t wake me). I grabbed a box of tissues and well as the Sinu Orega which I took every two hours or so as I drifted in and out of sleep watching “Sex and the City” — the best episodes, from 1999.

After I ate dinner, I slept some more and went to bed very early.

This morning I woke up feeling like a brand new person!

Red eye = GONE!

Ear ache = GONE!

Migraine = GONE!

And not only that, when I exercised, I experienced something I haven’t experienced in ages. My body felt so good that even a stretch was unnecessary! When I stretched my quads, it was like even my muscles were brand new! I mean, I’m sure the rest had something to do with it, but I think also the miracle of the Oreganol helped me sleep. Worry keeps you awake and your body knows when you can trust a product and finally relax. It’s also fascinating how a bad sinus infection can dictate how your entire body feels, right down to the muscles!

Several years ago, I had a nagging cold that wouldn’t let up. It was going on three weeks and someone recommended Oreganol P73 and I felt better within days. This is a product that should always be kept in the holistic medicine cabinet.

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4 comments on “Natural Product Rave: SinuOrega Nasal Spray

  • Thank you so much for recommending this. Allergies have had me suffering for over a month now. My body is completely worn out. I think this will help me just like it did for you.

  • You have wonderful views which are evident from your writings. Keep posting such kind of blogs as they are really informative, wish you good luck for your future blogs and hope they receive as much appraisal as you have got now.

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