What I Like About You!

Published May 20, 2015 by Maryanne

me and my car

What I Like About YOU!

I “un-followed” quite a few blogs because the stuff I REALLY like was getting lost in the shuffle during my “window” of WordPress reading. I can’t read everything and I’m not going to press “like” unless I really LIKE something. I’m here as a creative hobby, not a contest to get the most followers.

So I guess this is kind of like awards, but I don’t like the awards thing, so, it’s more of a shout out to greatness! Here’s a list of the things I like reading most on WordPress.

1. Deep philosophy. Whether it’s satanism or Christianity or paganism, I like something extremely intense and moving that sucks me in and educates me. Devil’s Advocates (https://cassiejourney.wordpress.com/) is electrifying! And a big shout out to HocusPocus13 (https://hocuspocus13.wordpress.com/) where every day there is something new and refreshing in the magic world. And I can’t forget about Christianity. I love Mustard Seed Budget because like myself, they are open-minded, positive, non-preachy Christians (https://mustardseedbudget.wordpress.com/)  I’m always pleasantly shocked to see that they “like” some of my more controversial posts. THAT is so cool and for that I’ll follow them forever!

2. New Jersey related. Except for certain areas, I love all my state has to offer, so I’ll follow all New Jersey blogs. Like Photo Geek, a kick-ass photographer from New Jersey who writes about bands I love too: (http://photogeek22.com/)

3. Animals. Not much is better than an animal lover! Rachel Mankowitz (https://rachelmankowitz.wordpress.com/) writes about adventures of her dogs Butterfly and Cricket. I’ve been following her cute blog a few years now. She has over 5000 followers and is a fabulous writer!

4. Nostalgia/Vintage. Anything from the 20th century, I just love! Andrew’s “Nostalgia and Now” (https://nostalgia049.wordpress.com/) is one of my favorite blogs on WordPress. And we’re friends via email too! Andrew is one of the nicest people I’ve ever “met” in my life. I am honored to know him.

5. Pro-Women. Because nothing is more enticing than a strong woman who supports other women! That’s why I don’t want to miss one post from “Inside the Life of Moi” (https://insidethelifeofmoi.wordpress.com/)

6. Health. REAL Health. Not something a hospital dietician would write. More like paleo living/lifestyles, bio-dynamic, bio-hacking, etc. That is why I LOVE “Simple Living Over 50” (http://simplelivingover50.com/) this dude totally gets it!

7. Always Something Different. I never know what to expect from “Just Keep Brains” (http://justkeepbrains.com/) from super cool styles to unique ways to decorate your bathroom mirrors. I love blogs that aren’t particularly themed and always have something great to offer.

Other interests of mine include: happy marriages, cruelty free and hypoallergenic make-up, foodies, road trips, cats, love, inspiration, and anything over 50.

2 comments on “What I Like About You!

  • Love #5 .. I am so PRO WOMEN STRONG WOMEN. This is something I instilled in my daughter at a young age. Never depend on a man. Be educated & self supportive. There is not much that can break down a strong women !!! I am so proud of my daughter !!!!!!

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