Beauty by Tarot

Published May 27, 2015 by Maryanne

tarot-141(Photo swiped from Google)

Ah, as women we beat ourselves up way too much — and too often. As much as I like to come across as someone who is casual about my looks, I obsess just as much as the rest of them. Whether it’s over new glasses or weight or hair or make-up, I’m obsessing.

My latest fixation is that two weeks ago I got my hair cut twice in a week, by two different stylists, and it’s still not short enough. It’s summer and I want short hair damn it!

I even put an ad on Craig’s List seeking a new stylist because it seems like the ones I find never go short enough. I haven’t had a real short hairstyle since 2001.

I made another consultation for Friday for another hair salon. Then I thought about it … why am I obsessing? Over the years every time I was in-between haircuts, I did such cute things with my hair: a side ponytail, braids, headbands, up-dos, hats, etc. Hell, I rarely ever just let my hair be, the way a stylist cut it. But that’s the thing — with a really good haircut, you don’t need to fuss with all that other stuff, right? Knowing me … wrong, I’ll still fuss and obsess.

So what should I do? I consulted The Tarot. Should I get another haircut? Yes or No or Maybe wait a little bit.

The two most positive answers were “Yes” and “Maybe wait.” (I’m so happy “No” wasn’t in the picture!) And what does this tell you? That women — all of us — can look beautiful with any hairstyle, short, long, or with accessories. So if you’re like me and time and life in general is keeping you away from the salon a bit longer than you’d prefer, just go with it and rock that in-between look!

SAM_7381Homemade hair accessory, a bunny clip

Silly = youthful and fun

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