Smart Phones Will Not Change Destiny

Published June 9, 2015 by Maryanne

The ConversationPhoto of Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta by Darlene Foster

This modern world we live in, with everyone on cell phones and Smart Phones … I hate it. Always did.

I was forced to get a cell phone back in 2001 when I became a certified legal proofreader in New York City. The agency I was with told me that if I wasn’t near my phone when an assignment came in, they’d go right to the next person. (Kind of sounds like dating in high school in the 1970s … if you’re not around for a phone call, would the guy call another girl? Is that why back in the day so many young girls waited by the phones? Sigh … even back then we were ball and chained.)

Well, let me shed some light … even with a cell phone, I did not get the assignments.

Here’s what happened … I missed all the assignments. Even with a cell phone, I was not the type of person to be balled-and-chained to it. I’d hear it ringing, but by the time I fumbled through my purse to pick it up, someone left a message already. By the time I called back, yes, they had given the assignment to someone else.

I had words with the agency, like, “C’mon, this is ridiculous.” So then the agency promised, the next available job is YOURS. All I had to do was go to a company to meet the person in charge and I’d have my first assignment as a legal proofreader in New York City.

I went and the receptionist didn’t let the manager know I was there. Instead she gave me a ton of forms to fill out. By the time I finished, the manager went out the back door and never even knew I was there. I lost out on the job (in NYC).

Now, here’s the catch … THANK GOD, THE ANGELS ABOVE, BUDDHA, THE UNIVERSE … because here’s what happened … the Tuesday that I WASN’T at the job I was supposed to be at because the receptionist screwed up …. our country was attacked. It was 9/11. Not a day you want to be stranded in NYC.

I sighed with relief, not only that I didn’t get that job, but all the ones before it that I missed out on, because I would have been working in NYC and stuck there during the most devastating tragedy that happened in our lifetime. I’ve been spared by a higher power not to be a first-hand witness to that. (Though I did go to NYC a week later to make peace with it … somehow).

How crazy that I had been working in NYC for the past three years prior and made one wrong move to another job in the Hell’s Kitchen area that didn’t work out and I was unemployed for several months and during that time is when I became a certified legal proofreader in NYC.

All that time I was working and playing in NYC, constantly, even house sitting … and then the worst day of the life of a New Yorker, I wasn’t in the city at all.


So what was my destiny?

While I give major kudos to each and every New Yorker and everyone who continued to work in NYC after 9/11, I chose a different path.  I decided to find a job in New Jersey. One month and a few days after 9/11 I was hired as an editorial assistant for The Montclair Times, stayed there for eight years, became an award-winning journalist, interviewed many famous people and worked for other magazines and newspapers while I was there. And even ended up writing a book about my journey:

I’m sure many people will read this and think nothing of it and still continue to live life with their noses stuck in their phone and their fingers prancing on super high speed like a prima ballerina on crack … BUT if I can change ONE life with this message, my work is done.

If just one person reads this and says, “Hey, let me spend some quality time with my family and put my iPhone away” or “There’s more to life than what’s inside this ugly little device” my work is done.

Now, you tell me, what is more important now? Being the first to find out about a party via your fingers talking? Or letting the angels guide you to something much more thrilling than you could ever have imagined?

If I answered my cell phone like most people, I would have never became an award winning journalist, I would have never wrote my book (and now a second one) and I would have never started my own business.


And I promise you a miracle will happen, like it did to me!

5 comments on “Smart Phones Will Not Change Destiny

  • i have to say i like the iphone of mine as helper. but it always is on silent mode, i check it maybe once an hour (which is not much compared to what i see around…) definitely need it though since i live 2-3 hours by car from my family and most of my friends are not in this city / area, too… BUT atm i am looking for a watch to need it even less 😀
    and i guess you have some really busy and creative guardian angel with you!! take care of that one!

      • i havent had a watch since i got my first phone but as im getting annoyed with my phone more and more i think a watch will make me feel better (probably will have to get 3-5 since there are so many beautiful yet not overly expensive ones i found already… waiting for july / august though i guess!

  • Maryanne, In regards to “Smart Phones & Destiny ” , Yes, they sure can. We might say that they work in mysterious ways just like God does. I have had a few experiences with both. The most relevant one that I care to share today to you and anyone else reading also originates from 2001. I had started the process thru my physician to have gastric bypass surgery. I had weight to lose but not really excessively. I went thru all the tests and procedures to qualify and may I interject that I am petrified of needles. My BMI level was just a smidge over to qualify. Well everything was going as planned and I even had my operation date scheduled. TWO days before the big day I was at work and received a call from my doctors office. The receptionist was calling to cancel my operation !!! I was devastated, almost took a mini breakdown. My insurance was NOT approving it and I had very good insurance, I worked for a Fortune 500 company. My co workers and children helped me get thru this. To add,quoted from my daughter,Laurene, God does not want you to have this and he is working in his mysterious way. Whenever I was down and sad, I thought of my daughters words. Within a few weeks I took a different approach and outlook. I did it the right way. Diet and Exercise!!! I lost 30 pounds. Like many females my weight occasionally goes up and down. I recently lost another 40 pounds,but this summer I gained back 15 of that. I would like to lose that 15 ( again) and then another 25. Oh well, I am no skinny minnie and never will be but I am ALIVE and HEALTHY !!!!!!!!!! So Thank God for
    To elaborate on the cell phones more, I am trying to teach my grand kids that they are NOT essentials.
    What happened to Good Old Fashioned Letter writing ???
    You had sent me your FB address a while ago. I finally had time to request it but I do not know ifI it went thru. If you do not receive it can you friend me and I will immediately respond to it. Thanks. Sandra

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