Bethel, NY

Published June 10, 2015 by Maryanne

SAM_7729Quiet, peaceful grounds of Bethel, NY

Yesterday my husband and I took a beautiful trip up to Bethel, NY.

It was special. It was the first time we’ve been here since the first summer we were together. But the first time around, there wasn’t the Bethel Museum ( which creates the feeling of being at Woodstock in the 1960s! It’s just so awesome, with tons of artifacts, clothes, videos (you can go in small rooms or larger rooms to see them; the largest being like a theater and the second largest is filled with bean bags to crash on!)

We spent a good three hours in the museum before we got a cup of coffee and walked the grounds. Bethel is the actual grounds where the legendary Woodstock concert happened (it was originally supposed to happen in Woodstock, but they changed it).

We ran into reporter Jonathan Fox who was actually at the Woodstock concert. He was awesome and took some photos of us, which was very nice.

It was a great experience and I encourage everyone to make the trip. But also, if you do go to Bethel, N.Y., be sure to also visit Woodstock, N.Y. (which is about an hour away). Even though the Woodstock concert was at Bethel, the town of Woodstock is where Bob Dylan lived and it’s a very artistic community (with excellent restaurants). Bethel is more vast and farm-like. The first time around we saw both towns in one day. We’ve since been to Woodstock two more times, but this was our first time back at Bethel. There is a definite magic about this town, which radiated with good energy.

Interesting side note: Woodstock was held from August 15 to August 18, 1969. My grandmother’s 51st birthday, the age I am now, was August 14, 1969 — the day before Woodstock began and my 6th birthday was August 19, 1969, the day after Woodstock. How magical is that?

SAM_7735Love is all you need

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    • That’s a great way to put it! Just goes to show you didn’t have to be there to be a part of the magic, right? And, yes, it was bizarre meeting another reporter there. We all seem to find each other somehow. I have many friends who are reporters and/or authors.

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